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Have You Been Sugared Yet?

Have you tried cold waxing, hot waxing, DIY waxing and/or plucking unwanted body hair and ending up unhappy about it? Can relate? Let me introduce you to sugaring and the best place to get this treatment!

I actually didn't know anything about sugaring until Barenaked Banawe branch opened August this year. Their claim is that sugaring is safe and is the most natural way of removing unwanted hair. Among their variety of services, body sugaring is the highlight. That is why I was so eager to try sugaring and share my personal experience with you. Since I'm also choosy and maarte, I'm the type of madame on a budget who don't really settle for just any salon. By far, these are the factors that made me choose Barenaked Banawe branch:


As I enter the vicinity, I already feel relaxed by the zen vibe of the neutral-colored walls, wooden floors with pebbles, lighting, indoor greens and of course their comfy couch. Look how pristine the place is too, definitely a plus!


My welcoming committee are all smiles and friendly. Since it was my first time to try sugaring, they also made sure that I was comfortable and informed with the procedure. I knew I was in good hands since they are very well-trained and professional.

(IDK why I'm so prim and proper here. Lol)


For my visit, I needed Eyebrow Shaping, Underarm and Brazilian sugaring so I got the Sweet Discount Package 2 since it costs cheaper compared to selecting the services a-la-carte. Nonetheless, you can still get each sugaring or scrubbing treatment at a budget-friendly price that's value for your money.


Before proceeding with my treatment, the staff asked me to visit the washing area for a quick wash down there. Lo and behold, they're equipped with all the feminine washes you need and the cubicles for sugaring and massages have fresh towels and are squeaky clean. Kudos also to the branch for providing face masks and medical gloves for the staff doing the services. Adding helpful after-sugaring reminders posted on every cubicle is truly informative, pleasant and hygienic.


This is the mind blowing part! The ingredients used for treatments are 100% organic and natural and is composed of sugar, water and lemon juice. So maybe you're wondering what sugaring can do to your body. There are a lot of benefits from sugaring, it includes removing of hair on its natural growth, less breakage, exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells. What's also good with it is that it eliminates ingrown hair and hair becomes refined after a few number of visits. A more surprising fact is if your unwanted hair is still very short, sugaring can still get you covered! You also don't have to worry about having burnt skin from hot wax because ingredients are at room temperature.


Overall, my sugaring experience was off-the-hook! It was less painful compared to waxing, effective and time-saving compared to plucking and safer or gentler compared to shaving. The staff who attended to me was very careful and made sure I was not in pain especially on sensitive areas. As you all now, kilay is life so I feel that there's really a need for me to share my before and after photos of the eyebrow shaping. My face is still a bit red because I took the photo while pores are still open but it subsided eventually and I'm happy with the results! My eyebrows are not too thick, not too thin and are shaped just right for my face shape. I will be back for sure.

(Before and After)

As their saying goes, "Sugaring is what they do best". Get sugared by Barenaked Banawe branch just in time for the holidays, they're located at 4th floor Banawe Lifestyle Cente, Banawe St. cor. Don Manuel Agregado St. Quezon City. It's open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 10pm. You may also visit their Facebook page @sugaringbanawe or Instagram account @barenaked.banawe for more information. #IChooseBarenaked #BarenakedBanawe :)


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