Comeback of the 1990s Co-ords

May 12, 2018

If you're having a difficult time matching your clothes every morning, this is an easy solution to your dilemma!


Fashion jargon co-ords or coordinates are what the fashion world is calling a set that are matching. The patterns are mostly identical, sometimes belong to the same group of color palette, and it only takes a tiny detail to make it seem like the pieces belong together. 


Guess what? We've all been victims of our moms who used to make us wear co-ords in a seemingly unfashionable way during our childhood days. LOL! 


But hey, co-ords are definitely my kind of style these days. My madame on a budget senses tingle whenever I see co-ords on mall or bazaar displays cause it's really a big saver in a sense that I can always take the two pieces apart and mix and match them with the rest of my wardrobe. It's such a great deal to get more than just one outfit to style!


Just look at how I mix and match these tribal printed co-ords from Pixie Dust PH in multiple ways:


Tube top with bottom set


One-sided top with bottom set


Off shoulder top only with denim shorts


Off shoulder top with bottom set

(Matchy matchy with the carpet...So what?)



Bottom only with a different top


Convinced yet? Pixie Dust PH sells different prints at an affordable price! Catch them this weekend at the Spectrum Fair in Shang-ri La Plaza or you can visit their shop in Fisher Mall anytime! Make sure to choose the right colors and textures carefully so you get that match-made in heaven co-ords. :)


Trivia: These photos were taken using iPhone 6s by my lovely friends on different days and places. :)



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