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8 Essentials To Get Your Workout Started

Having a consistent fitness regimen is a must but it is hard to squeeze a workout in after a long day. Most especially when you easily get bored on routinary workouts just like I do. That is why I'm on a constant look out for fun new ways of getting fit.

Since summer is the best season to learn new skills and sports, I decided to go for it and learned to play tennis for the first time! And of course, I brought some of my fitness essentials to help me aid an active lifestyle. For anyone who wants to start moving too, I put together a “starter pack” with simple yet handy pointers for beginners.

1. Invest in a comfortable gear.

Finding comfortable, supportive athletic shoes and clothes to work out in is a top priority. It somehow motivates you to move. That's how I feel, so maybe it can apply to you too. There's this brand that I really love, you might want to see their stuff here.

2. Make sure to stretch.

Stretching before and after workouts help prevent injuries from happening. Plus, it also gives you more energy to do more. I meditate a bit and do basic yoga stretches to keep me focused for the day.

3. Get a trainer or coach.

Since it's my first time to try tennis, I really needed a trainer or a coach to show me some moves on how to get started. Consider getting one so that the trainer can teach you the right form, the rules of the game etc.

This man is a retired tennis coach, he broke his knee of old age.

4. Listen to upbeat music.

For me, listening to music while working out helps me lighten up the mood. Curious what songs I listen to? Feel free to follow my Spotify playlist: Straight Outta CARDIO. Pun intended. HAHA

5. Play and have fun.

A more important thing to remember is to have fun. Drag a friend or two with you if you must. Accountability partners who are dedicated to their fitness goals can keep you on track.

6. Hydrate.

When you're sweating it out, you need to make sure your body is properly hydrated since you're losing water. Remember to drink water in between breaks, especially in this summer heat.

7. Take cold showers.

Cold showers after workout expedites the healing process and decreases inflammation. And since I want my hair to be beautiful as it grows, I make sure to bring my #HABAMAZING summer kit from Sunsilk Ph. I like that it also comes in 90ml bottle so I can easily bring it anywhere with me.

8. Sport the Workout Braid

When it's hot and humid, workout braids are the perfect summer-friendly #HABAMAZING hairstyle to sport. It is so easy to do and it also keeps your hair out of your face while working out. Try it yourself with your strong and long hair and let me know if you want me to do a tutorial on this.

Take note of these on your next sweat session and always remember to move on your own pace. Ready? Let's hit the ball!

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Photos by: @madamelindt and @tasteforexcitement

Hair styled by: @tasteforexcitement


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