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Why buy a gown when there's Gown For Rent?

At any time of our lives, there are always occasions that require us to dress formal. Whether its prom, a debut party, wedding ceremony, Santa Cruzan or even gala night, these are events that we should be putting our best-selves forward.

But just like any other girl, budget sometimes get in the way cause evening or wedding dresses can be expensive, costing at least four figures or more at an average. And chances are, we'll only be using it once or quite a few times. So what does a price-conscious madame who needs an elegant dress do? Borrow from Gown For Rent.

Before Gown For Rent was born, girl friends Roxy, Judy and Gabriella started their custom thread business in year 2012 where they made and sell formal gowns and dresses. So they decided to innovate and put those incredible gowns into good use through rentals as well. Now, here's why you should consider renting from them:


Renting a gown can save you half of the money you'll be spending when buying one. You can rent dresses as low as PHP300 with Gown For Rent depending on the design and style.

Doesn't take up valuable closet space

For those who live in a condominiums or apartments, you don't need to worry about where you'll store the gowns or dresses after the occasion. Simply send it back to Gown For Rent.

Options, Options, Options

Gown For Rent has a ton of available gowns. You can search by color, price, style or occasion via their website at Name it, they have it. If you're lucky enough, you might even find designer gowns there! What's also good about it is that you never have to wear the same dress twice.

VICTORIA (PHP3000) - Perfect for Chinese engagements or Ting Hun.

SILVER (PHP2000) - Something dramatic and extravagant for a masquerade party or gala night.

BLACKADEA (PHP6000) - For an endless night of partying at a gala event, choose the Blackadea.

Rhys (PHP3000) - Looking for a gown for the debutante? Rhys would be a match made in heaven. (I met a new friend, her name is Julianna.) :)

Sloane (PHP2000) - My personal favorite, a simple elegant gown with a twist for a glam entourage look.

Size Can Be Altered

Since they own a custom thread business, they can easily alter some of the dresses to fit you. If you're worried about sizes, most of their gowns have an adjustable style at the back just like this one.

Wedding Package Deals

Get more bang for your buck because Gown For Rent has wedding packages that could seal the deal. Your Php10,000 can get you a wedding gown, dresses for your entourage, flower girls and even for the ninangs! Less problems for the brides-to-be.

Accessorize Like A Madame

An OOTD wouldn't be complete without accessories! They have jewelries, clutches, bouquets and tiaras that are readily available too. Gown For Rent is an all-in-one rental shop.

Saves Time

No need to run from store to store. You can simply pick the gown or dress that you'd like to reserve, check its availability and size, and schedule an appointment for fitting from their website.

Dry Cleaning Is NOT a problem

Yes, I get the struggle of having to dry clean precious garments. Well, they can do it for you. Such a hassle-free transaction with GFR.

Professional Staff

It's also a plus for me that they have well-trained staff who assisted me through out my visit.


Use my special code GFRMC0509 to get 20% OFF when you rent a gown from them. :)

Attending formal events is such a relief now that there's GOWN FOR RENT. If you're ready to rent your very first gown, Gown For Rent is located at Landstrong Bldg. Inc., Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

BTW, I'll be choosing one of the gowns featured on this post for my Gown For Rent giveaway soon. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @madamelindt ;)

And next up on my blog is something for the gentlemen and sirs. They've got Suit For Rent for you too.



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