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Little Italy: A Movie of Romance, Family & Pizza

Last weekend, I was invited to the block screening of Little Italy by BOB and GA Entertainment. It was actually my first time to watch a movie by myself since they mentioned that the seats were limited and I wasn't allowed to bring anyone. I didn't know anyone there so it was really a challenge for me to watch it alone. But good thing, it wasn't a horror movie. And they literally had me at "free pizza from BIG GUYS PIZZA."

If you're into rom-coms and pizzas, then Little Italy is the perfect feel good movie to watch! It is a slice of life about the romance between two star-crossed pizza lovers Leo and Nikki, played by Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts. Their fathers, Vince (Gary Basaraba) and Sal (Adam Ferrara), used to be best of friends and owned PIZZA NAPOLI together until they parted ways and started operating rival pizza places called VINCE'S PIZZA-- THE BEST and SAL'S PIZZA -- IT'S BETTER.

On the other hand, Sal and Vince's wives DORA (Alyssa Milano) and AMALIA (Linda Kash), are secretly best friends, but have to keep up the charade for their squabbling husbands' sake.

Then it gets more complicated since Nikki's grandmother Franca and Leo's grandfather Carlo are carrying a clandestine romance because of the family feud. That's probably the significant subplot of the film and I love that it features timeless performances from veterans Andrea Martin and Danny Aiello.

With all the chaos happening, Sal and Vince manages to turn Nikki and Leo against each other and compete in a pizza cookout. The heat is on, who's going to win? Is it Team Sal/Nikki or Team Vince/Leo? Does pizza really make everything better in this movie? Find out in cinemas near you!

You will surely indulge in the characters and sensual love story just like I did. It's a combination of cuteness, sweetness and uncomplicated romance with a dash of silliness. I would probably describe it as the modern day Romeo and Juliet movie in a 1990's setting and reminds me of the 2005 movie entitled PIZZA MY HEART. I enjoyed every bit of the film and of course, the pizza. After all, pizza is life!


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