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My White Card App: A Wealth of Deals for Wellness

I admit that I used to be one of the many Filipinos who tend to neglect health and wellness. That’s because I usually struggle in finding the right doctors and clinics. They are either too expensive, too far from my place or I just don’t get what I needed from the doctors.

Luckily, there’s a convenient way to get started and more importantly, to stay on track with our health and wellness goals. “My White Card” Mobile App makes self-care and preventive health care both affordable and convenient as well. It’s exciting since there are a lot of awesome deals on beauty, health and wellness services in Metro Manila in the app.

(With the CEO of MY WHITE CARD APP, Miss Anne Ricardo)

During the event launch in Manila House Private Members Club, I was able to talk to the some of the partner doctors of My White Card app and also got to try their services. One of which is Dr. Mark A. Enriquez of Alpha Chiropractic. He did a spinal check on me in which we saw that my upper spine is a bit crooked due to slouching when seated or standing. Hence, affects the whole body posture and causes lower back pain. He shared with me that it is a common problem and it can be treated through their services.

Dr. Sheree Bondoc of The Core Clinic on the other hand, introduced me to IV DRIPS. What makes their drips different from other clinics or salons is that their drips are 100% natural and preservative-free, fresh, USDA grade, compounded medicines. Plus, the drips are customized based on the patients’ needs. I’ve been curious about IV DRIPS so I tried Core Clinic’s VITALITY BOOST IV DRIP, which contained ascorbic acid, magnesium, 9 kinds of vitamin B, zinc and torine. It is recommended for general maintenance of health, weakened immune system, recovery from fatigue due to infections like flu, cough, colds, dengue fever, allergies, and many more. That’s actually the perfect drip for me since I get sick easily.

The IV DRIP procedure took around 15-30 minutes. I had little nausea and felt parched but that was how I should be feeling according to Dr. Sheree. It was a good choice for me to have done it since I went to a one week camping seminar the next day. I had to deal with 16 kids from China during the trip and I must say that my body was more active than it used to be and I was well-rested too. Should you want to avail of this service for a discounted price, be a member in the My White Card app.

There are 3 membership tiers you can avail: Elite membership (Php7,999/year), Premium membership (Php11,899/year), and Luxury membership (Php25,000/year).

The Elite membership provides discounts of as much as 10% on products and services from partner clinics, Premium membership gets you discounts up to 25%, and Luxury membership provides access to the highest value offers up to 50% discount.

Now, I have no excuse not to take care of myself. I am so glad maintaining a lifestyle of self-care and staying within a budget is now made easier and accessible for me and for everyone! Download the My White Card mobile application now on Google Play Store and soon on iOs.

Enjoy introductory prices 50% off when you sign up for a membership. Visit for more information and latest updates on your membership.


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