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True Boss: First Fruit Enzyme Specialty Drink Shop in the Philippines

Over the years, we Filipinos have developed a certain fondness for fruit tea and milk tea. I know we all have our few brand favorites already but out of all them, True Boss is something you might want to consider trying.

True Boss is a brand born in Taiwan and it was recently brought here to the Philippines. It's the first fruit enzyme specialty drink shop in the Philippines. And each drink served is all-natural from fruits and vegetables with all ingredients certified by SGS.

If this is the first time you are reading about fruit enzymes, don't worry, I got your back. According to scientific research, Fruit Enzymes are made from fermented fruits and vegetables that are rich in amino acids and proteins. They help your body perform very important tasks which includes building muscles, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles and fat during digestion. They also fight major diseases like cancers and heart diseases. They are an all-natural Vitamin C provider that helps the body fight bacteria and are your immune system’s best friend to fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For the picky fruit tea lovers, they offer a wide variety of beverages that you will like. I'm sure you will be able to find a favorite in this list.

Since I have been melting in the hot Philippine weather and I got really curious about these fruit enzyme drinks, I ordered a few right away. These are some of their best-sellers:

Fruit Enzyme with Basil Seeds - Apple Enzyme with Basil Seeds

Fruit Enzyme with Pearl - Cranberry Enzyme with Pearl

Fruit Enzyme with Aloe - Grape Enzyme with Aloe

Peach Mango Pine - Peach Enzyme & Alpine Tea with Mango Topping

Fruit Enzyme Plus- Plum Enzyme with Mango & Strawberry Toppings

Taro Fresh Milk Tea

These drinks are refreshing, thirst-quenching, and filling. Fresh fruit bits in each of the drinks can be clearly seen. However, just make sure that you consume them immediately to taste them at its most fresh state. My personal favorite would be the Peach Mango Alpine--This is delightfully good and really made my day sweeter. Thankfully, True Boss is also healthy for the body. I won't have to worry if I drink 1-2 cups of it!

Should you want to order, True Boss is available via GrabFood, Lalafood, FoodPanda, MyKuya and MOA Shopper. You may also send them a message via Facebook, Instagram, or their hotlines.

E. Rodriguez (10:30am - 8pm)

  • (02) 7900-2076 / (0906) 294 5070

West Avenue (10:30am - 8pm)

  • (02) 7747-3171 / (0916) 270 9916

SM Mall Of Asia (11:00am - 6:30pm)

  • (02)77464608 / (0967) 4524087

Pick ups are also welcome, just make sure to follow social distancing and precautionary measures in stores.

And don't forget to use my code TBML for FREE PEARLS from July 6-12. #TrueBossPH #DrinkLikeABoss


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