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Pebu-approved Salmon Sashimi Cake from Salmon HQ for CNY

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and in our tradition, it is important to have a great feast with the entire family. Sharing meals together strengthens the family bonding. What better way to do that than enjoying traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine. And maybe switch things up a little by adding this SALMON SASHIMI CAKE from SALMON HQ to the party spread.

For our parents and elderly who are not fans of sugary-sweet cakes with frosted icing, this is a certified PEBU APPROVED cake for sure.

SALMON HQ's Salmon Sashimi Cake is 6" round, composed of 6000g premium cut salmon sashimi with sushi rice and toppings. The base is made of Japanese sushi rice with a wakame salad, spicy salmon sashimi, crabstick and ebiko. While the top part and sides of the cake is covered in layers of fresh salmon sashimi. --All this for only Php1,200.

When I say fresh premium salmon sashimi, I mean the buttery and fatty one that makes me do a happy dance with every bite. Since our family members are sushi lovers, this was actually devoured in a matter of minutes upon laying it down on our dinner table. An order can serve around 5-6 people depending on how hungry your guests are. It is very filling too since Salmon HQ does not skimp on ingredients. I swear, this Salmon Sashimi Cake will surely make the best centerpiece of your Chinese New Year salubong spread. Worth the price!

For variety, you can also order these Sushi Bake Trays from Salmon HQ. These are a mix of their deliciously good flavors: Crunchy California, Aburi Scalops Salmon Ebi, Unagi Madness, and Takoyummy Bake. It's super good and baked to perfection. Also available in bigger trays.

Order yours via Salmon HQ's Instagram page or Facebook page. Hurry before you run out of stocks in time for Chinese New Year!

***All photos are shot by MadameLindt.



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