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5 Main W's of Madame Lindt

Why Madame?

A madame is a title of respect used in speaking to, or of an older woman, especially one of distinction, mostly a "Mrs.". (Definition from To clarify, I'm not married nor part of the "oldies" table yet. Lately though, a lot of people seem to be noticing my personal upgrade on preferences in life, so I'm owning up to the status title, because why settle with something less when one can dig into the good life without breaking the bank. Anyone has his or her right to feel and be a madame or a sir any day. :)

Who is Lindt?

Most of the people I meet know me by the name Maebel, but truth be told, I have a first name and it's Lindt. It's pronounced with a silent "d" and named after a famous Swiss chocolate brand which happens to be one of my favorites too. Now is my chance to put my first name into good use.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about affordable shopping on everyday fashion. Expect trendy, basic, wearable and of course budget-friendly outfit ideas, celebrity inspirations, news on sales and promos, maybe bits of tips on money management and a whole lot more! Isn't it exciting?

When did I decide to go for it?

Growing up in an average traditional Chinese family in Manila taught me the value of working for everything that my heart desires whether it be in career, love life, travel and/or material things.It's not easy, my life is chaos to say the least. Career wise, from being in a high position of a well-known advertising company to becoming my own girl boss as a freelance social media manager, an entrepreneur, an amateur model, someone helping out in events and doing all sorts of things. There's nothing wrong with that, it's basically called earning a living and surviving adulthood. But looking at the big picture, I was basically lost and all over the place.

So it got me thinking to start my own passion project and focus on what I really want: discovering the world of fashion, shopping and blogging. I just want to share all the awesome things I'm able to find especially if it’s on a budget.

Where will this take me?

Honestly, I'm a late bloomer for the blogging scene and uncertain about the future but right now my heart is full of passion and I can't wait to shop, shop, shop and write, write, write! :)



MADAMELINDT is a blog about affordable fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

I help people dig into the good life without breaking the bank, because everyone deserves to slay like a madame or sir even on a budget.  

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