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How to Successfully Shop During 'SALE'

Do your eyes light up like fireflies whenever there's a big brand sale? Mine do, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we need to buy everything. Most of us tend to get overwhelmed with all the SALES that's going on, especially when our favorite brands are in it. And without knowing it, we've already spent thousands and no one wants that.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my "shop til I drop" phase too and at times I still need to be reminded to ease up on spending, but now I know what makes for a successful shopping trip. So before heading out to the next big brand sales, let me share some pointers to help you shop smarter:

  1. Prepare your list. Beforehand, assess what you already have in the closet and jot down your shopping list on a piece of paper or type it on your phone. I know, I know, you can take notes using your mind but having it physically visible and tangible will make it easier for you to remember. Shopping list = what you need > what you want, but maybe you can get through a bit of what you want if you still have the budget. Don't just pretend to write something down. A few minutes of preparation wouldn’t hurt especially when you’re spending your hard earned cash and precious time, right madames and sirs? :) Make sure to use that list when you shop. There's no point of having a list when it's all shoved down in your bag or pocket.

  1. Scan online. Most of the brands that we follow on social media have their own e-commerce websites up and running. Skim through them like you're window shopping to lessen the time of looking for sale items on the spot. Besides, it's also a good thing to get a clue on how much it will cost you instead of getting SHOOKT when you get to the stores.

  1. Stick to a budget. A budget is telling your money where to go, not wondering where it went. Have a rough figure and estimate how much you’re going to spend for your shopping agenda. You don't want to overspend or impulsively buy something that you don't need or you can't afford.

  1. Pay in cash. Credit cards and debit cards are your worst enemies if you can't control yourself from swiping them as if the money you’re spending isn't real. Paying in cash makes money tangible and realistic, and maybe have a feel of dispensing cash like Kim K. After deriving your budget, withdraw in cash only for the shopping trip. With that, impulse buys will seem less tempting!

  1. Choose the best time with a time frame. Visit the malls during non-peak hours to avoid the hassle of getting squished or harassed by a swarm of people who can possibly get their eyes on the same single item you’re looking at. The best time to go is at the start of the sale wherein sizes and options are not yet scarce. Another tip is to set a time frame to complete your shopping. Admit it or not, you don't have all the time (and money) in the world to shop. Your day jobs and passion projects are more valuable than staying in a mall for a long period of time.

  1. Hustle alone Tagging someone along might not be a good idea even if it's your beshy since other people have the tendency to unconsciously lure or encourage you to buy more items which are not really part of the plan.

  1. Check for damages It's frustrating to see damaged goods displayed on a sale rack, what more when you've already purchased it without noticing the flaw? Don't just check the item, double check it. Does it have a make-up mark, a huge rip, a missing button or a design flaw? Can these be easily fixed? Are you going to risk it? What's the return and exchange policy? Think about it very carefully before purchasing or dismissing.

  1. Ask "where will I wear or use this?" If you come up with an unsure answer, leave it be. Don't just buy it for the sake of buying, because it's half price off or just something you think that's cute. Ask yourself if it has an actual use or will it just be one of the many things stuck in the closet which you never get to air out at all. It's not a bargain if it doesn't fit you well, show your personality, is a real need or within your budget. Markdown items are not a trap if you won't let yourself be fooled.

And I almost forgot: Don't shop when you're HANGRY, having a PMS or anything like that. Unless you're on retail therapy, you want to shop smart and be successful at it!

Got anything to add on the list? Feel free to send me an email at or PM me on Instagram @maebelissima :)


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