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Happy Skin Nailed It With This Express Gel Polish!

Happy Skin now has a new line of nail polish with an express gel finish. SHOOKT? :)

As a madame on a budget, I usually pick outfits that are practical to wear yet still stylish. To complete my ensemble, I sometimes feel the need to paint my own nails too. It doesn't get me the perfectly done salon nails, but I do it when I'm really tight on budget.

I've been an avid fan of Happy Skin, particularly the Shut Up and Kiss Me moisturizing lippies. So imagine how happy I was when they launched their first ever collection of nail polish, the Happy Skin Express Gel Polish! It comes in 8 colors which are all named after roles that women play. Thanks to my friend, Anly, I got 2 out of 8 colors, namely Achiever and Dreamer. Being it a express gel finish type of polish, it means that there is no need to use a UV lamp, which makes it more interesting! Let's see if I'll be able to really achieve dreamy nails. See what I did there? Haha

Achiever is a 2-In-1 Base + Color in a soft pink hue. If you're a go-getter like me, this one's for you. Having beautifully painted nails gives me a boost to achieve more. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to do it yourself.

What's fascinating about it is that it doesn't need a base coat and it dries really fast, like I can already move and type on my laptop after 15 minutes.

To achieve a solid color, coat at least twice. :)

Dreamer is a 2-In-1 Base + Color in a light dove grey color. Its color being close to cloud white, makes me feel that I'm weightless and stress-free.

Impressively, it can be removed by regular nail polish removers. I've tried it myself when I was doing this. Since I'm not a professional nail artist, I made mistakes. A LOT! Haha

It is also very long lasting and here's my proof. Believe it or not, this photo shows a 2-week old Happy Skin Express Gel Polish on my nails.

If these shades are not calling out to you, there are 6 other options to choose from their collection: Influencer in taupe color, Icon in wine red color, Artist in nude khaki color, Superstar in metallic gold color, Bridechilla in milky pink color and Queen of His Heart in medium pink color. Plus, you can top it off with their Mirror-Shine Top Coat. They really made sure these shades match especially for Filipina skin tones and is very wearable even for corporate ladies.

Happy Skin is known for using natural and harmless ingredients for their products, so no need to worry about your nails getting yellow or brittle. Happy Skin Express Gel Polish has Hydrolyzed Keratin that helps make nails stronger & Almond Oil that helps moisturize and nourish it. Hooray for happy blooming nails!

Now, let's talk about the price. Dun dun dun... it's only priced at Php249 per bottle (11ml BTW)! Definitely cheaper than other international brands. Such an amazing treat for us madames!

Have you tried the Happy Skin Express Gel Polish? Which colors do you like? I'd say all of them! :)


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