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Hair Color Game Strong By Kapwa Studio

To dye or not to dye my hair? That has been my question for the longest time. 

Since it's my birthday month, I get to treat myself to whatever I want! One of the things that got my curiosity is getting my hair colored because at 20 something, I have never colored my hair in any way possible. Honestly, experimenting on my hair was never a hobby. My hairstyle has always been plain long and straight, for the reason that changing the cut or color of my hair might not suit the shape of my face or even my personality. Any change will affect how I present myself as a person and as a fashion & style blogger so it is really something that needed a lot of thinking.

However, having my friends' opinions and encouragement, I can say I'm ready to at least conquer my fear of dyeing my hair and I would like someone trained to do it, of course! 

Meet Tish Mahtani of Kapwa Studio. Tish graduated with a degree in IT from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and worked for an oil and energy company for 4 years. With her igniting passion for creativity, she had a total career move from that to becoming a licensed real estate broker, professional make up artist and now also a hair stylist. 

Tish trained as a hair stylist in Kapwa Studio, a home base where community of creatives collide. Instead of renting own spaces, the studio becomes a platform for freelance creatives like make up artists, hair stylists, and other artists do their work there. This fabulous concept inspired from Los Angeles and New York was established by Madame Leslie Ferrer Espinosa, who also happens to be one of the founders of Burlesque PH. 

Hair Stylist Tish Mahtani and  Owner Leslie Ferrer Espinosa

Let me give you a quick tour of the studio: It's a barbershop, salon, photo studio and events place in one with an industrial hipster vibe located near Poblacion, Makati. Madame Leslie designed it with open spaces and touches of nature, making it bare to create. 

Creatives in action

Availing of their services is by appointment but if you happen to arrive a little early than scheduled, they serve good coffee and have board games for those who are waiting. 

Board games

Kapwa Studio supports local artists and entrepreneurs, so take time to appreciate the displayed paintings and shirts. I heard they are planning to feature various artwork every now and then.

Local merch

Local paintings

I say they have reasonable prices for the services they offer. Madames and Sirs, invest in the quality of work that these creatives do. Our hair and scalp need some TLC too. ;)

For my visit, I'm getting a natural brown for my hair color and a reshape. Here's Tish doing her magic on me using products from Davines. As you can see I'm a bit nervous and excited. #FirstTimer Haha :) 


After 2 and a half hours, we're done! You might think there's not much difference because of how it looks like in the photos but there really is! See me in person if you insist. Haha #VirginHairNoMore



back view

Overall, I'm really happy that I finally did this and on how it turned out. Thanks to Tish who shared her amazing craft with me. Should you want to book her for hair and make up, you may reach her through Kapwa Studio or via her Instagram account @blushingbraid.

As for those who are afraid of hair change like me, let Madame Leslie's philosophy on beauty move you: "Discover yourselves and embrace what you have. Change for fun but don't change everything. At the end of the day, it's your individual style that will boost confidence.".

What do you think of my hair transformation? Is it maDAMN enough? :)


MADAMELINDT is a blog about affordable fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

I help people dig into the good life without breaking the bank, because everyone deserves to slay like a madame or sir even on a budget.  

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