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Trip to the thrift? More like click to the thrift!

In the U.S., thrift stores are already a lifestyle for people to find cheap apparel. While the counterpart in the Philippines are ukay-ukay shops.

While there are numerous good finds in ukay-ukays, you can't really ignore the fact that you still have to go through the hassle of looking for them. It's time consuming because it's almost impossible to find anything of real value (unless you're lucky or persistent). Hygiene is also a huge factor to consider. Plus, if you have allergic rhinitis like me, it's going to be a sniffling situation rummaging through all those second hand clothing.

Luckily for us, the minds behind ThriftApparelMNL have our needs covered. ThriftApparelMNL creates clothes inspired by our favorite brands, TV series, cartoons and a lot more. I guess we can refer to this as fandom and/or statement shirts. The great thing about it is that you can purchase or even customize your own t-shirts online via their Instagram account @thriftapparelmnl. These are my favorite picks so far! :)

1. Gucci Wash

The Gucci Wash is so elegant-looking that you don't have to use too much effort to rock it. As you can see, I used the same skirt from my previous blog post because we're just practical people who repeats outfits (click here for reference). BTW, this shirt design also comes in black.

2. Too Broke

A plain Supreme box logo t-shirt can be priced at $200 upwards from re-sellers. Simply put for madames and sirs on a budget, we're too broke for Supreme. I styled this top with another bottom piece I used in my previous blog post, fishnet stockings and hooped earrings to mimic 90's fashion.

3. FU Cat

BOOM! This kitty is a bad ass. Aside from shirts, ThriftApparelMNL also has pocket tees with surprise elements like this. How cool is that? I simply paired it with shorts, cool printed socks and a cap.

Want me to blog about other shops that save you money, yet slay at the same time? Let me know on the comments below. :)



MADAMELINDT is a blog about affordable fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

I help people dig into the good life without breaking the bank, because everyone deserves to slay like a madame or sir even on a budget.  

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