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The Secret To Young-Looking Skin UnLUCKed!

Keeping your fingers crossed to have natural youthful skin as you age is like trying your luck on the lottery. You'll never know if you'll win.

We all have skin concerns as we age, and for me, my greatest concern is having visible wrinkles. Since I'm a night owl and I face the computer all day for work, I cannot deny that wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes become more visible.

So how do I combat these? I usually use facial masks before I go to sleep because it's so relaxing and moisturizing. However, I feel that my skin care routine is not enough. Good thing Olay launched their new and improved line of products: Olay White Radiance, Olay Total Effects and Olay Regenerist.

One thing I've picked up from the Olay Ageless Launch event is that with Olay's study of Multi-decade and Ethnicity wherein 155,000 women participated, only 10% of them looked 10 years younger than their age and were labeled as "the lucky few". Eagerly, Olay wanted to share with all the women their re-engineered formulas by mirroring the skin genetic code of the said lucky ones. That's such great news for me and for every Filipina because now we can choose to make our own luck!

(Olay Science Expert, David Khoo)

For us to really understand the effects and solutions to our skin concerns, inspiring words from Olay brand ambassadors were imparted with us and we also did a few science experiments during the event. Just like high school days! First, we checked deeper into the skin represented by light to dark layered structures in test tubes or cylinders. This shows how light enters and reflects out of our skin and lets us know that not having protection from the harsh light is how we get dark spots. If you are having these concerns, Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence's new formulation can help improve brightness and reduce appearance of dark spots, especially now that it has Pearl-Optics complex which helps light up skin from within. Hallelujah for radiant glowing skin! :)

(Event host , Joyce Pring)

(My dear friend, Iris Hung)

Next, we compared how different face creams react to our skin and Olay Regenerist Micros-sculpting Cream undeniably had better results! Now that Olay Regenerist is boosted with Carob seed extract and Glyco-Repair, it helps accelerate the repair of aging skin better. This is perfect for someone who share the same sentiments as me to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, get firmer, smoother and hydrated skin. Looking at how Madame Charo Santos-Concio carries her ageless beauty makes me feel that I can achieve timeless beauty too, thanks to Olay.

(Olay Regenerist Brand Ambassador, Charo Santos-Concio)

Hand in hand with Olay Regenerist is Olay Total Effects, now having 50% more Vitamin E that serves as an antioxidant known to defend skin against free radicals that cause skin-aging. Who knows, we'll eventually have royalty skin and be confident like Brand Ambassador and beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach. :)

(Celebrity Influencer, Kaila Estrada)

(Olay Total Effects Brand Ambassador, Pia Wurtzbach)

After all the experiments we did, we headed to the Pop-Up Olay Luck-Maker Lab wherein they analyzed our skin and recommended which products to use. Madame Charo Santos-Concio and Miss Pia Wurtzbach were also game to get their results!

My skin result came out as healthy but I really need to look after my visible wrinkles.

I'm so grateful that Olay was generous enough to send us home a loot full of products to help us start making our own luck and define our destiny when it comes to being an exceptional ager. Now that Olay has unlocked the secret to young-looking skin, I can't wait to experience noticeable skin transformation! How about you, is it gonna be #DNAorOLAY?


Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence PHP1,299 SRP

Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15 PHP799 SRP

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream PHP1,899 SRP

Available in Lazada and all major department stores.


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