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This Understatement Has a Powerful Message

Just a month ago, AGAPE dropped its first logo shirt collection for the UNDESERVING. What's dope about this brand is that there's more to its fashion.

Simply put, AGAPE is a Greek word for unconditional, selfless and sacrificial kind of love. With the owner, Giovann Manlangit's love for underground street culture, AGAPE brand or AGAPE Kulture was born!


#AgapeKulture pushes for a community wherein the show of love, above all else, unites and respects every culture whether they belong to hip hop, punk rock, and other subcultures. To make it sound more local, 'K' instead of 'C' is used in Kulture, which stands for knowledge about these communities or culture. 

For those who know me, you've probably seen me back in college exposed to both mainstream and underground hip hop communities. Lately, exploring the techno rave community too. My love for these communities is oozing and the love they give back through actions, wisdom and support is LIT. Be part of #AgapeKulture, you won't regret it! 


Voicing and putting the word of unconditional love for every community or culture out there, its logo design is printed in all caps, bold type face. The upper part of the logo displays a 'Cross' trademark symbol which signifies the brand's faith. Their tagline being, FOR THE UNDESERVING, mean God's love for humanity; the Love we don’t deserve but was freely given to us. The shirts are available in 3 colors: pink, blue and orange with sizes from XS to XL. 

Here I am strutting the pink version of the AGAPE logo shirt. To style, I tied it in front to emphasize some curves. This is a style tip for ladies who don't have voluptuous body types but still want to look a bit sexy in their logo shirts. ;) The folded sleeves also add a feminine touch to the casual skinny jeans I'm wearing. It's quite easy to style and perfect for times when I just want to look great without putting in too much effort. 


If you're planning to cop the AGAPE logo shirt, you've got to hurry 'coz their first release is close to sold out! Place your orders on their Facebook @agapekulture or Instagram accounts @agapekulture :) It will only cost you Php400 per piece and you'll get a bonus of unconditional love from #AgapeKulture! Love and cool shirts are always worth it. 

BTW, if I have my Binondo, Chinatown look, they also have their first drop’s Japan Lookbook. Check it out in this video and let me know your thoughts on this understatement. :)


Photos by: Les Capuli

Shoot location: Binondo, Chinatown (my hometown)


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