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Korean-Inspired Fashion Trends You Need Now

Shin Se Kyung, Kim Go-Eun, Park Bo-Young and Ji Hae Soo are just a few of the popular K-Drama actresses taking over the world of fashion by storm.

Who hasn’t watched a K-drama show and thought, “OMG, I wish I could have her outfit”? Most of us might not be blessed with a magical wallet that would allow us to possess such lavish outfits but alas, I found a budget-friendly online shop that can do the job!

Meimi Clothing has classic and trendy styles for the modern chic ladies which are mainly inspired by Korean fashion. Let's tap into the Korean wave or "hallyu" with Meimi Clothing's carefully selected pieces while dissecting some of the Korean fashion trends!

Trend #1: Layering

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, more often than not, layering might not be the perfect fashion trend for us. However, with Meimi Clothing's light linens and sunny dresses, we can surely master the art of layering. Look how cute this outfit is, I can imagine Shin Se Kyung wearing it! :)

Shop this trend: PHP690 (Available in green, black and brown with inner shirt included)

Trend #2: Classic Gingham

This checked print dominated the fashion landscape simply because it never goes out of style...a trend for all decades, a classic! K-Pop artists are also into this pattern's playful nature. It's no surprise that people are digging it in all forms--dresses, tops, bottoms and even swimwear! I just can't get enough of it.

Shop this trend: PHP430 (Available in blue and black)

Trend #3: Femininity

When it comes to fashion, looking feminine is a primary factor for most Korean women. Adorable buttoned-down dresses and off-shoulders are quite the hype right now and I'm sure we are all embracing this trend wholeheartedly!

Shop this trend: PHP860 (Available in red brown, white and blue green)

These are just 3 out of many more choices from at Meimi Clothing, so visit their Instagram account @meimiclothing now and bring out the inner Koreana in you! Who knows, you might need it for your next date with your Oppa. ;)

Kamsahamnida, Madames!


Shoot location: Blocleaf Cafe


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