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Impressive FINO HIStory Bags You Should Invest In

For 25 years now, FINO Leatherware has been commended on creating exceptional pieces. They were known then as the Business Line wherein their collection featured original envelope folios, leather jotters, agendas and briefcases that led them to leather and what we know now as FINO Leatherware.

With that said, I guess you might be a bit concerned with the pricing of the bags. Let me help you out, here's proof that you should invest in one:

1. Of Quality

As a huge fan of this brand, I somewhat know that their creations are made locally in the Philippines with materials that are carefully selected and meticulously developed.

2. Selections For Her

What I love about their previous collection FINO NOW is that they are particularly made to celebrate every Filipina's accomplishments, failures, journeys, destinations, while encouraging and supporting her to keep dreaming, pursuing and finally actualizing her passions and aspirations. FINO NOW featured collaborations with empowered and established women of today while the Vinta collection showcased colorful and vibrant bags that symbolized Mindanao vintas.

3. Something New For Him

And yet again, FINO Leatherware releases another meaningful collection: HIStory, the Men's Line. While it is through this new collection that FINO honors its roots, it also embraces the now, the needs of the new Filipino.

4. Co-designed by men who have made their mark.

This collection features none other than men who are innovative, intuitive, masterful, skillful, with experience, who has form and function and values heritage. It's about time that men have their fair share of the lime light. Come to think of it, men also need stylish pieces that are functional and fit for their lifestyle.

Meet the men who co-designed FINO's HIStory.

Elbert Cuenca (Restaurateur)

Restaurateur Elbert Cuenca juggles running six restaurants, family time and his hobbies which includes traveling, love for cars and technology. Therefore, having a bag he can bring everywhere is a must. Inspired by classic FINO shapes, he combines them with his work and hobbies. The FINO bag Elbert created sports a number in front for that vintage race car vibe and has several compartments for all his gadgets and things for work such as document folders. Pretty cool that it has an outside pocket, detachable straps, and a trolley sleeve for traveling. Color options include distressed brown and grey leather, cobalt blue and tangerine, and black and taupe. Elbert's messenger-tote bag is definitely an all-in-one bag!

Monchet Olives (Creative and Marketing Director-Casa Mercedes)

Designer Monchet Olives values heritage and has kept the art of fan making going on for the last 60 years through his family business. For HIStory, he creates a leather fan man clutch that can store essentials other than your fan in the most stylish way. Compact and flexible, it also includes a small card case and a pen case as accessories to the piece. Of course, it comes in his signature colors of red and black. I believe Monchet has really modernized the timeless Filipino pamaypay. For weekend escapades, the fan man luggage paired with the clutch can be a great travel essential.

Robby Goco (Director of Research & Development and Managing Partner Cyma Greek Taverna, Green Pastures and Souv)

Drawn from Chef Robby's experience at work and leisure, the Fusion Sling Bag was born. His FINO bag is a casual medium sized backpack-sling in nylon and cowhide leather with multiple compartments and zippers. It is quite a masterful design with its mix of function and style, the perfect bag for work and yet for travel too. Millennials like me would really love this piece since we are always out and about.

Bryan Mc Clelland (Founder, Bambike Revolution Cycle)

Adventurous commuters and gentlemen, Bryan's FINO bag will change your lives! As an innovator and an outdoor guy, Bryan definitely needed to keep his valuables safe without sacrificing convenience while riding his bamboo bike "Bambike" from one point to another. His Sombra Messenger bag can be converted into a backpack as well. Take a look at this durable, versatile yet ruggedly stylish creation.

Eric Paras (Interior Designer and Purveyor A-11 Furniture Gallery)

Eric designed the ever so classy Henry Hotel in Pasay and has a store-showroom in A-11. Just by merely looking at his designs, they're not only pleasing to the senses, but also purposeful for the dweller. Being all about form and function, his FINO bag appears really simple yet very useful especially with a detachable clutch for man essentials. The size is mostly designed for artists and creatives who need to carry folders, sketchbooks and other art materials. And BTW, you can customize your own Utilitarian Tote in your preferred color combinations.

Raul Ona (Top Advertising Director and Elite Motorcycle Rider)

More than just an advertising man, Raul Ona is also an elite motorcycle rider. FINO and Raul's design is understated but functional and versatile. The MOTO sling pack is compact, features multi-functional zippers and compartments and has an automatic button snap for closure. Someone who is constantly on-the-go will surely need this bag.

Carlo Ople (Founder of, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Disruptive Business for PLDT)

Digital and tech guy Carlo shares his vision for his design, “I wanted a bag that would serve the needs of the modern-day executive. The number of gear that a professional needs has changed over the years. There’s the laptop, power bank, cables, smartphones,tablet, cameras, etc. The bag I envisioned was built to carry those in a purposeful and stylish way.” A hybrid leather-canvas messenger bag with a removable organizer for his gadgets came to be with a card and pen holder as well. He also shares that he is happy that the collaboration with FINO led to a bag that he would love to use everyday.

Overall, FINO's HIStory designs are well thought of and I am really in awe to have met the minds behind each of it. Their designs are very aesthetic, stylish and unique, fulfilling every man's needs in today's fast, technology driven lifestyle. Price is a bit high but investing in quality bags you can use for a long period of time is really impressive. Kudos to FINO, and I hope to get my hands on one of these pieces for my dad and/or brothers.

Which FINO HIStory bag is most fitting for you? Invest in one now, get yours at selected FINO Leatherware stores!


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