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Find Your Sole-mate with Shop Dida

Style, as they say, is a way for us to express ourselves. It's a physical extension of our inner desires, goals and motivations. We dress according to how we feel during a certain day. We style our look depending on the occasion. So it's safe to say that style is personal.

Fae is the co-founder of Shop Dida, an online haven for frugal stylistas and women who have a hard time finding shoes because of their stubby feet.

Get your signature style down pat, starting from what to wear on your feet. Find out your sole-mate according to your personality.

The Boss Babe

You are an unstoppable force. You're not afraid to take charge and let people know you can handle a tricky situation. You don't mind being the head of the pack. If this sounds like you, you're definitely a booties kind of girl. The high heels and the overall sturdy look of the bootie are like metaphors for your resilient personality.

The Quiet Leader

You like getting things done, but you don't like talking about your accomplishments. You are someone who puts others first. Your work speaks for you, and you never brag. You're quiet but definitely not unnoticed. Just like flats, you're reliable and you make things easier for other people.

The Laid-back Lady

Carefree, easy to be around, and chill — these are just some of the words to describe you. You're unconventional and spontaneous. You're happy to go with the flow and see where the tides take you. Speaking of tides, the footwear that's usually worn near the ocean is your best match. Lace up your favorite pair of sandals and go!

The Driven Diva

Perfection cannot be attained, but you sure as hell will try to get there. You're meticulous in any and every aspect of your life. You're a detail-oriented worker, an attentive friend, and a devoted partner. Just like the sleek form of slingbacks, you are sophisticated and present.

Now that you know which personality you fit in, visit and get your pair of sole-mates, #didastyle! :)


MADAMELINDT is a blog about affordable fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

I help people dig into the good life without breaking the bank, because everyone deserves to slay like a madame or sir even on a budget.  

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