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This Cebu-based Board Game Cafe Could Be Your Next Hang Out Place

If you're traveling or living in Cebu, Dice Kong Board Game Cafe is a hidden gem you should visit! The concept is not entirely new, but it's great to have a designated place where you can just hang out and bond with friends and family. What's promising about it?

It's sort of a hole in a wall.

Although Dice Kong is located in Vibo Place, N. Escario St. Cebu City, where people frequent the place, their spot is somewhat hidden at the 2nd floor near the back entrance and beside Senor Kimchi. So finding this gem is is a fulfillment.

They have 250 board games and counting. Just imagine how long it takes for a game to finish and you've got tons of options to choose from! The shelves are filled with games and it's LIT.

There is no time limit.

Madames, talk about value for money! Entrance or play fee is only Php100 and you can play all day, as much as you want.

Milkshakes are just divine!

Tasting that velvet creamy drink in my mouth almost made me cry out of joy. It was composed mainly of scoops of ice cream, worth the calories. :) If you prefer a more adult drink, they have beer in their drinks list.

Kong-sized flavorful loaded fries.

I got their best-selling Pizza Loaded Fries! Munch it while it's hot. Other dishes in the menu include sandwiches and pastas.

You don't need to be a group to play.

It was just me and my boyfriend and we were able to play FOLD-IT, Halli Galli and so much more!

Game master is of assistance.

Don't know which game to pick or need assistance regarding the mechanics of the game? Ian, the owner of Dice Kong Board Game Cafe, is always there to make sure you are having fun.

You can take home the games.

There's a chance that you'll get so into the game you're playing that you'd like to take it home. Well, you can purchase some games at the venue too!

Hold your parties here.

Dice Kong Board Game Cafe can fit up to 60 people. Book for your birthdays, wedding proposals, office parties, you name it.

Redeem rewards by playing.

Your days spent playing can equal to rewards!

Complete first 10 stamps = FREE any choice of sandwich & iced tea or coffee.

Complete the next set of 10 stamps = FREE 1 any Dice Kong Tenders & iced tea or coffee.

Complete the last 5 stamps = FREE 1 Dice Kong sausage and 1 milk shake.

It's a jungle of fun.

Take a time out from your stressful day and just enjoy playing and socializing--no phones, no internet, just pure fun. They're open everyday until 12am and they extend til 2am during weekends. :)

So bring your friends and family. #KongAndPlay


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