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Things That Make Bai Hotel Cebu A Top-rated Accommodation

The most traveled season where people from all over the country and even foreigners flock Cebu city is during Sinulog Festival which happens annually on January. So getting an accommodation is a bit difficult since bookings get full when reservations are not made in advance.

While every one else was on their leisure time, I had business matters to attend to so I needed a place where I could work efficiently and relax at the same time. Bai Hotel Cebu was my top-pick since it's the new "IT" hotel and I was fortunate enough to get a room. I know you madames and sirs are psyched to know what makes it a top-rated accommodation, so here you go:

It has 668 luxe guestrooms and suites!

Designed with a modern and contemporary elements, the rooms sure look very luxurious. The room we got was really clean and relaxing. I even had a working desk and a couch that are perfect for people doing business remotely, it's basically equipped with all the necessities I need. The most important part is that the wi-fi works well and I had a lot of room to do my work. Every floor also has a floor lounge. For now, only the rooms until the 9th floor are accessible for occupancy since they are still on soft opening so make sure you book early. FYI, room rates are justifiable.

There are 8 premium restaurants serving sumptuous delights.

Cafe Bai, UME Japanese Cuisine, and Marble + Grain Steakhouse are just some of the ones I've tried and I'd really love to give my compliments to Bai Hotel Cebu's authentic chefs for the awesome food!

Cafe Bai serves the best breakfast buffet --from Filipino and other Asian dishes to Italian and English plates. You also have to try their pastries, especially the delectable donuts, it's magic in every bite!

UME Japanese restaurant on the other hand, features made-to-order sushi, soba, rice bowls and a la carte yakitori, sashimi, and other dishes. My favorite is the freshly made Dynamite Roll.

At Marble + Grain Steakhouse, they make sure that you get the finest custom-aged USDA prime beef, great service and excellent wine selection. I had the best unlimited steak experience for only Php1200++ (there was a promo that time).

Not to mention, I also got room service food and I was amazed on how the Four Cheese Pizza is so tasty, I almost ate the whole pizza by myself.

They have a no left-over policy.

The usual situation in a buffet or in any restaurant is that people tend to have leftovers which is usually put into waste. It's a good thing that Bai Hotel Cebu strictly implements the no left-over policy and the staff constantly reminds those who are eating regarding the policy. It's one way of helping society become cautious about the food that we eat and the effects of having no wastage feels great.

Staff strictly follows no tipping policy.

Surprisingly, they really follow this rule. I tried giving a tip to the room service personnel who brought my food and lose change but he politely declined. What if every hotel and every hotel staff obeys of this rule, right? So much respect to Bai Hotel Cebu.

There's an Infinity Pool.

For millennials who love a view while dipping in the pool, this is your spot. Fret not, the water is lukewarm! And yes, it is IG-worthy so strike a pose by their chic cabanas.

You can use the gym.

It's FREE for everyone who are booked in Bai Hotel Cebu. They have complete equipment and also a space for those who want to do yoga meditations.

Spa Garden soon to open.

For a more relaxing stay, they are opening THE SPA inside the hotel very soon. It will be so convenient that you don't have to leave the place to get a massage anymore.

Bai Hotel Business Center

Bai Hotel is not just a hotel, it also caters to those who need a space to work. They are still working on this side of the building but it sure is promising.

VIP access at the Executive Club Lounge.

Feel like a boss at the Executive Club Lounge because this floor is exclusive to executive club or VIP only. They serve complimentary buffet-style breakfast, light refreshments, afternoon tea , cocktails and beers.

Twilight Roof deck Lounge + Bar is epic.

The hotel is nestled between Mandaue and Cebu City proper so you can see two sides in a panoramic view. Sip on their innovative drinks and dance to the music of famous DJs spinning at the deck. Just pay Php300 to get in with a free drink!

I'm just so happy that they are already open and that my experience is beyond comparable to anything else. Top-rated hotel indeed. So the next time you travel to Cebu, book your stay in Bai Hotel Cebu and let them be Your Host in the South! Pit Senyor!


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