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Athleisure Is Every Lazy Girl's Favorite Trend

Never feel guilty about stepping out in your gym gear because athleisure wear is one of the top fashion trends you will surely love. Athleisure is simply wearing sporty pieces to go somewhere else that's not the gym, on purpose. Supermodels and celebrities are all into it so you should get it on your fashion radar too.

I personally like this style since it is really comfortable. I don't really have to make much effort to put up a whole outfit. It's the best outfit I can think of when I'm feeling under the weather or when I feel bloated during my time of the month. That's why it is every lazy girl's favorite trend.

Who says you can't look fabulous wearing joggers? My athleisure #OOTD favorites: Bucket hat, tank top and high slit joggers.

FYI, you also don't have to spend a lot on your athleisure wear. Just use what you have especially basic pieces you already been using for a while. My budget-friendly outfit:

Bucket hat: Toast Mnl (PHP250)

Tank top: hand me down from my aunt

High slit joggers: Toast Mnl (PHP400)

Striped socks: I'm selling it, feel free to message me (PHP250)

Stan Smith: adidas, using it for 2 years already (PHP3000)

Back pack: adidas (PHP1900)

Not sure if you can pull off this look? Try different tops and bottoms to see which one fits your body type best. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you are comfortable with what you wear. :)


Photos by: Les Capuli


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