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Nadine Lustre Leads Whisper Curvalicious Movement

Whisper has been the go-to feminine pad brand for most Filipina women because of the quality and comfort it offers and also because of what the brand advocates which is empowering women. For that, I've always wanted to be part of their campaigns.

Last Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Whisper launched the #ChooseCurvalicious Movement to celebrate the modern woman who is fearless, fierce and playfully bold and I was fortunate enough to witness it.

Just to get you a bit excited, yes, Nadine Lustre was there! Who else would be the perfect fit to lead this movement but her, right? Nadine is the definition of an inspiring independent and fierce woman. She may have gone through critics and neysayers but has always been positive on finding ways to rise up and to do what she loves.

Her fans and crew are one of her main pillars through every challenge she faces but Whisper, has a lot to do with the confidence and comfort she's always got with every performance. The new Whisper product still features its cottony soft cover and dermacare lotion, 12-hour leakage protection and, anti-leak barriers for a completely worry-free period. Now, made better, it ensures a more snug fit with its own curvalicious feature too! It's definitely the feminine pad upgrade modern women like Nadine need to stay confident, cool and #Curvalicious.

Of course, I'm always excited for every new jingle attached to Whisper's campaign. Nadine performed the latest Whisper anthem, Curvalicious, during the event. The song is very up-beat and catchy. No wonder, I have it on loop in my head. "Woah oh, say yes all day...Curvalicious, curvalicious, all day!" :) You can listen to it and watch the music video here:

Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid shared the stage with Nadine

Would you believe I danced to the new anthem and recorded my own music video? That was embarrassing but fun! :)

I was transformed and inspired by Nadine and Whisper to be fearless so I had my own #Curvalicious movement moment at the 360 camera booth.

You can be fearless and #Curvalicious too! Begin your own Curvalicious story now with Whisper!


Photos by: Iris Hung

Please do not steal the photos. Thank you! :)


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