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Hoard These Affordable Korean Beauty Products From Rucy's Vanity

I'm a fan of K-Beauty products as in, but most of the time I don't have the luxury of spending since I'm a madame on a budget and saving always comes first! If you can relate with me or if you are trying to save up yet still want good quality products, this might be for you.

Rucy's Vanity is a Korean brand that sells really affordable makeup and skincare products here in the Philippines. You can get your everyday makeup essentials (powder, mascara, and lip and cheek tint) for as low as Php617 all in! What a bargain, right? So I recently got a hold on some of their best-selling products and here's my review. :)

Foam Cleansing Green Tea 100g (PHP159)

I don't usually experiment on facial cleansers since my skin might get irritated but surprisingly this actually didn't harm my skin. This stuff whitens my skin and removes makeup instantly but not totally so using a make up remover should still be the first step. It is deep-cleansing, and contains collagen and green tea too that's why every wash is refreshing and rejuvinating.

Two Way Cake 12g (PHP299)

This two way cake can be used wet or dry to achieve desired coverage. It covers blemishes and imperfections and delivers a fresh matte look for everyday use. Plus, it also has a whitening formula with SPF35 PA++. I like that it doesn't clog pores nor cake. Rucy's Vanity Two way cake is available in #21 natural beige and #23 dark beige, I am using the latter since their shades appear lighter when applied to the face.

Waterproof Eyeliner 6ml (PHP99)

It's quite tricky to use this eyeliner since the ink keeps staining my lashes but it works really well for thin lines and has a matte finish. Just like any eyeliner, you have to give a few seconds for it to get dry. Regarding it's waterproof ability, it's not so waterproof or sweat proof either. Overall, it's quite a catch for a PHP99 eyeliner.

Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara 7ml (PHP219)

It's rare to find a budget-friendly mascara that doesn't irritate my eye area. News flash, this one is hypo-allergenic and it's only PHP219! Check out my lashes, it seemed longer and volumized too. The wand applicator is also easy to use and doesn't clump but I haven't really measured if it's waterproof so wait for my update!

Lip and Cheek Red 8ml (PHP99)

Lip and Cheek tints or stains are usually watery. This one has a sticky consistency but once applied to the lips and cheeks, the stickiness goes away so you don't have to worry about it. It has a glossy sheer finish and after a few hours, the glossiness fades. You can pat a bit of powder on your lips to make it matte. The color stated in the packaging is red yet it turns pink-ish on my lips and cheeks. Nakakablooming and I look younger wearing it. Not bad for a 99-peso lip and cheek tint!

What are you waiting for? Hoard these affordable Korean makeup and skincare products from Rucy's Vanity!



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