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7 Ways To #KeepACoolHead and Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is here and although it's the best time to hit the beach and get some tan, the scorching heat can really let us down. Don't let the temperature get in your way! These easy tips will help you keep cool and rescue you from melting under the sun.

1. Hydrate.

It is crucial to keep hydrated at all times. Drinking cold refreshments like fresh fruit juices, shakes and smoothies will help you lower down your body temperature. Even cold water will surely do the trick.

2. Dress light.

Avoid wearing dark-colored and tight clothing since these pieces trap the heat. Opt for light colors and breathable fabrics. Just look at these cute summer OOTD pegs from Janina Manipol and my blogger friends.

3. Eat cool.

This is the perfect season to hoard your favorite ice cream or maybe even make your own popsicles at home! Fun fact: During my childhood days, I made ice candy every summer and sell them to my neighbors at a very cheap price. Comes in different flavors too (Milo, buko pandan, mango, etc.). Maybe it's time to revive this business? HAHA

4. Protect yourself from the sun.

Cover your skin with the right amount of sunblock, wear a hat for your head and sunnies to protect your eyes. Also, find shaded areas to hang out in when the sun is beaming. Don't overexpose under the sun!

5. Chill, don't kill the vibe.

We tend to be hot-tempered when the sun is at peak. Take it easy, just chill and don't kill the cool vibe! Make new friends this summer and remember to have fun just like I did.

6. Go for a swim.

Well, not literally like what Nico Bolzico did to Janina Manipol. LOL!!! I'm sure you have your beach trips and summer staycations planned already. So take advantage of it and dip into the relaxing waters.

7. Take more showers.

When the sun is too harsh, the crown of your head can get irritated and you may be prone to itching and dandruff. Treat yourself with cold showers and #KeepACoolHead with Head & Shoulders limited edition summer variants in Apple Fresh, Lemon Fresh and Cool Menthol. Whether you're into that refreshing scent of Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh, citrusy lemon blast of Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh, or that minty cooling sensation of Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol, these variants will keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day!

Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh, Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh, and Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol are priced at Php125.00 for each 170ML shampoo bottle, and they are now available at major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide, as well as in e-commerce.

In celebration of the Lazada 6th Birthday Sale from April 25-27, Head & Shoulders will have exciting promos, bundles, and discounts for everyone to get cool summer deals. Keep an eye out on those by visiting

Now, we're ready to face the summer heat! Got anything to add to the list? Send me a chat or reach me through my email at



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