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Organic Local Cosmetics & Skincare Products To Try ASAP

Have you ever put on make up or lather on skin care products and think of the ingredients used to make them? We don't know it but those products may have chemical ingredients that can harm our skin.

Good thing, there are natural and organic options we can explore and Laurent Cosmetics is one of them. Laurent Cosmetics was founded by Laurent Joy Benig and now, she's also ventured into skin care. Yay, more healthy skin goodies for us!

Their best-sellers are the Lip and Cheek Stains which are made of 100% natural and organic ingredients and very affordable at Php169 each. I think there are also the mini versions of these too. I got 5 out of the 8 available shades and honestly, these are perfect for achieving the no make up, make up look!

It really looked very natural on my lips and gave a nice flush to my cheeks. The application is a roll on type, making it less messy to apply.

Just like any other lip tint, you will have to dry it for a few seconds before moving your lips to refrain from staining your teeth. Apply more if you want the colors of the stains to pop. For the cheeks, I recommend putting a pea sized amount on your finger before patting it to your cheeks since it is very pigmented.

Don't worry, I've swatched the shades for you to get an idea on which color suits you best.

Bully. This shade looked purply red on my lips and I love it! I wear it to night out parties, for lips that stand out in the crowd.

Fluttershy. The pinkish red color of Fluttershy makes it a natural charmer. Believe it or not, it might be the lip stain for all skin tones.

Pinkie Pie. Look sweet and blooming with this chic pink shade. Great color to wear for garden events and weddings.

Bad Girl. Most loved shade of the public. Show them who's boss and power dress with this reddish brown stain.

Honeydew. This red orange shade of Honeydew really brightens and lightens up my face.

Did I mention they already have a skin care line? To which, I got my hands on the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Soap, the Lash and Brow Booster Serum, and the Gold Collagen Mask.

Apple Cider Vinegar Soap (PHP150)

Free yourself from the curse of acne and acne scars. It is made with natural apple cider vinegar and yet it smells like blossoming flowers, I swear! I'm using ACV soap as an alternative to my facial wash for a week now. And OMG, my face feels really smooth and very supple!

Lash and Brow Booster Serum (PHP150)

I never believed in this product until I've tried it! It's formulated with castor oil and Vitamin E, no wonder everyone can achieve lashes for days and brows on fleek with this. I use it on my lashes every night and I'm so amazed on how healthy and luscious my lashes got!

Gold Collagen Mask With Pearl Powder (PHP

I've always been into sheet facial masks and it's my first time to use a modeling mask. It works similar to Coleen Garcia's Momoisupe's Gold Mask! Mostly used for soothing irritating skin after an intensive skin care massage treatment. The product smells like ginseng since it has collagen in it and provides rich hydration and brighter skin tone because of the pearl powder. Although it is already a bit moiturizing, I still recommend putting on moisturizer after use. Check out how much fun and relaxed me and my friend Iris had while pampering ourselves:

These are just a few of what they actually have. Which products are you meaning to try? Time to support local!

And guess what? You can even start your own business with Laurent Cosmetics as a reseller! Just send them a message via Instagram @laurentcosmetics ;)


Video shot by @tasteforexcitement

Edited by me.


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