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Suits Your Man Can Rent When He Has Nothing To Wear

There is nothing like a well tailored man in a well tailored suit. If women can rent gowns from Gown For Rent, so can men. The owners of Gown For Rent recently launched Suit For Rent which offers a range of modern and stylish men's suits you can rent at an affordable price! Whatever the occasion, Suit For Rent can help you look the part.

While renting a suit is not something new to the Filipino culture wherein we borrow barongs and suits from our relatives and friends occasionally, you wouldn't want to wear that exact same wardrobe from your cousin's wedding to your formal business gatherings, right?

It's a good thing Suit For Rent offers suit and accessory rentals, suit resizing and they even accept custom tailoring.

I chanced upon some of their sharpest suit selections you can wear on your special day or even for everyday fashion:

Apart from black, the solid navy, the solid charcoal, the solid medium grey, and the solid light grey are your go-to suits for everyday because they are simple and classic pieces. Just change the color of your shirt, change out your tie or your shoes and you're good.

For your wedding, try suits with accent colors that will make you look bold and cheerful on your special day. Your groomsmen can opt to wear them too.

Kids' barong and coats are readily available as well. Renting is the best option since children easily outgrow their clothes as they age.

And who says only men can rock these suits? I tried on two of my favorite picks from Suit For Rent's collections and well, I think I was able to pull it off. Whatcha think? ;)

Pinstripes are a classic and nowadays worn in a hybrid modern way. I chose this light-colored fabric and styled it this way since the look I'm going for is nonchalance. But you can get it in darker tones if you are more interested in blending in the crowd rather than standing out.

After mastering the basic colored suits, step up your sartorial game and venture into the gingham suit territory. Dress to impress with this print. It is easy to style, comfortable and creates an ultra slim fit.

Eyeing any of the suits here or are you selecting pieces for your dapper loved one? Time to suit up! Head to or visit 106, 77 Building, Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City and choose the best suit for your lifestyle.



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