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GadgetVerge Xtreme Could Be Your New Music Buddy

It's always beach season for me- along with the bikini, coolers, and ice cream, music is essential. But not all speakers can survive on the beach. If you are planning for a beach getaway or hang out in the nearby pool, GadgetVerge Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker might be a solid option. It claims to be dust proof, waterproof and shockproof. So I recently got one and tested it out during my recent trip.

Most speakers nowadays have heavy duty materials that are big in size, making them hard to carry around. GadgetVerge Xtreme is a really great portable option because of its circular shape, stealthy look and compact design. Its components are made of lightweight materials as seen in the smooth rubber finish. Moreover, in terms of durability, this speaker seems sturdy enough but I have yet to test the life span.

Chillin' to cool music by the beach is my thing and I was impressed with GadgetVerge Xtreme's performance. I tried to submerge half of it into the water since it has an IPX7 water resistance, can survive 1 meter depth of water for 30 minutes and the results did not disappoint! Of course, the sound got distorted or muffled during the process but it's all good.

Besides, I usually just listen by the sand and I'm happy that I get a decent audio, dust proof and waterproof one at the same time. Now, I can play music without worrying if my speaker is going to give up on me when it's splashed with water or covered in sand.

When it comes to functionality, GadgetVerge Xtreme has a cute 5-button function (power or pairing button, play or pause button, volume +- or previous buttons, microphone and accept or end call buttons).

The volume and the 'previous' button are quite confusing though, it just takes some time to get used to it. If you want to use the 'previous' button, a quick press will do that. And for volume, just press the same button longer. The microphone and accept call button was really helpful for me especially when I'm away from my phone. I can just answer the call right then and there without having to reach for my phone.

Another thing I like about this product is that it has a detachable suction cup. I just stick it to the mirror in the bathroom when I shower and or prep my face for my night time skin care routine.

Sticking it everywhere even in our gym.

Not to mention, it also has an aluminum carabiner that ensures safe attachment to my bag whenever I travel.

The next time you need a travel speaker buddy, trust in GadgetVerge Xtreme! Apart from the fact that it is waterproof, dust proof and shock proof, the battery life is able to last for 7 to 8 hours. Not bad for a Php799 handy speaker huh? Definitely one of the best options for its price range. It's available in two colors at Widget City, click here to get yours. :)


Bluetooth version 4.2 IPX7 waterproof rating 7 to 8 hours playback time 1.5 to 2 hours chharging time 600 mAh battery 3 watts Up to 33 feet wireless distance 100-19KHz frequency range ≥ 85dB signal and noise ratio



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