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Beauty Friends II Has Sheet Masks For Every Skin Type

If I could use a sheet mask every night, I would. I'm a believer of this trend and that is why I totally freaked out when Beauty Korner released Korean sheet masks Beauty Friends II on their website and also stocked up in Robinsons Department Store.

I've been meaning to try Beauty Friends II since they have all kinds of sheet masks for every skin type or concern. Whether you suffer from acne, want to fight signs of aging or you just want to have that glowing skin, there's a face mask for you.

The main beauty power of Beauty Friends II water-soluble essence sheet masks is that it is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated plant extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients. From the 22 available variants, I got to try and review these 10:


This citrus-y mask is usually for brightening the face. It contains fresh lemon extract and Vitamin C to brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.


Do you have sensitive skin? This one suits all types of skin. The natural tomato extracts which are high in vitamins and minerals relieve skin irritation and remove extra oil on your face. If you want to feel refreshed, this one's for you.


Cucumber has always been my skin's best friend. Aside from its cooling properties, it also calms puffy eyes, boosts hydration and tightens pores too. I can say that it is really effective because for a girl who has shallow tears, the cucumber sheet mask has really helped reduce puffy eyes especially when I have to model the next day after sobbing for the whole night.


Known as a treatment for acne scars and wrinkles since it has Snail Secretion Filtrate. I only tried using it once but there's not much effect on my face yet. Snail is best for when your face is breaking out due to PMS-ing.


This might sound weird but I think snake venom is part of the ingredients used in this sheet mask. With that said, its potent ingredient leaves the skin looking youthful. You know how a snake wraps around its prey tightly? That's also how tight my face got after using it.


Potato extracts help the skin absorb nutrients which in turn help to deeply moisture the skin. Very handy for those who want to repair damaged skin and rough skin. It does lighten dark spots too. Turns out to be one of my favorite sheet masks now since it cleared out some of my dark spots instantly after one use.


"We ain't ever getting older." Collagen Essence sheet mask has Hydrolyzed Collagen that makes the skin feel soft and supple while it cleans and moisturizes. It is perfect for anyone who's been wanting a plump skin.

Coenzyme Q10

Designed to help rejuvenate the skin, regenerate cells, clean and moisturize the skin. You'll probably want to try this mask when you're fatigued from work or school.


The fact that it has real kiwi extract means that it also has Vitamin C. Multitasks like the Lemon and Potato put together. No wonder my skin got smoother and softer.

Green Tea

Naturally rich in antioxidants which detoxifies the skin and controls sebum production. It's like swimming in a hot tub, but better!

If you ask me about the scent of these masks, each and every pack smelled differently interesting. As for the fitting of the mask, I can't say that it fits like a glove since the nose and mouth part didn't match mine.

For those who want to know how I use the masks, I just usually let it cool in the fridge for 5-10 minutes while I wash and tone my face. Then I apply the mask for 15 minutes and flip to the other side of the mask to use it for another 15 minutes. That way, both sides of the mask are being utilized and at the same time the ingredients can absorb deeply to my skin. After that, I use the excess serum in the pack and apply it to my neck, torso, arms and legs.

Don't get me wrong, the immediate effects are not forever but these sheet masks are still the bomb in helping my skin become moisturized, hydrated and glowing as ever. Regular use could get you a quick fix so it's a great addition to your night time skin care routine. And guess what? A sheet only costs PHP42 each, so you better hoard whenever you can! :)


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