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Champion: The Comfiest Athletic Wear To Date

What do I wear during lazy days? A comfy sweater and a pair of joggers. For real. Dressing down doesn't mean you can't look good. And can I just say, this matchy matchy OOTD I'm wearing is not just any random brand. It's CHAMPION. 

Not familiar with the brand? It's interesting how CHAMPION has gone a long way. They specialize in sports wear, providing the comfiest and most authentic merchandise since the year 1919. The brand developed the first cotton football jerseys, created the first hooded sweater, and invented the first reversible tee and weave sweatshirts. They even developed the first supportive jogging bra and breathable mesh shorts. Since then, CHAMPION has been one of the most hype athletic wear.

I don't usually buy or wear hype gear until I tried on CHAMPION. It's so comfortable that I'd want to wear it on a daily basis. Hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, crop tops--they never fail to release classic yet practical pieces. Not to mention, their collections in collaboration with some of the greatest artists and brands like DRAKE , BAPE etc. 

Although it's a bit of an expense to shop and wear CHAMPION clothes, it might be a good thing if comfortability is your top priority when choosing outfits. Besides, with the quality of materials they use, the pieces will surely last a lifetime. ;)

Chat me if you'd like to know where I buy legit CHAMPION stuff. 


Photo by: Paolo Pareno


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