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MUKA Skin Care Products That Are Literally Life-Changing

When you take skincare as seriously as I do, you're always on the hunt for the the next game-changing skincare products out there. From all the products that I've tried, these revolutionary products from MUKA Concepts are the ones that really, truly measure up to my expectations.

What makes it so awesome is that they use locally grown herbs, spices, and butters from Bali using JAMU method to prepare skin potions. So they are handmade, natural and organic, treating the fruits and spices as SKINFOOD.

I call these MUKA products my new skin heroes! :)

Scrubs and Cleansers

Let your pores breathe and repair overnight with natural exfoliation and detoxification. The scrubs are available in COFFEE, CHOCOLATE and SEA SALT variants, while they have MACADAMIA as a cleanser. Unlike other harmful scrubs, these babies are very gentle and friendly to the skin. In fact, the consistency is rich and buttery so it's able to keep the pores and skin elastic. Plus, the aroma of the scrubs smell so good, I don't mind keeping it on my face as a mask.

(Photo above is from MUKA's Instagram)


Speaking of masks, MUKA's TURMERIC (brightening) and MUD (anti-aging) masks are your go-to essentials if you need to treat hyper pigmentation, inflammations and different skin damages. Just like the scrubs, I use water to activate it and apply as pleased.

(Photo above is from MUKA's Instagram)

Hydration Moisturizers

My favorite part of my daily skin care routine is pouring some good hydrating serum and moisturizer on my face. It's like letting my parched self drink a good amount of water. Spoiling my skin with MUKA's SEAWEED SERUM tightens my pores and promotes skin elasticity. Familiarize yourself with this serum or you're missing out and don't forget to put SUNSCREEN for added protection from the sun.

Oils and Butters

To get that nourishment that you need, MUKA also has FLOWER BUTTER CREAM which balances secretion of sebum on the face and HONEY BODY CREAM for body cell regeneration that you can use for massage.

Aside from that, I was able to try the signature facial treatment with Madame IRIS, the woman behind MUKA Concepts. At first I was like "I already had a facial 2 weeks ago so I might not need this." but I decided to go for it and it was the best decision I've made that day. Not kidding.

The balinese chants in the background, the way she made my face (especially my jaw and cheeks) feel so relaxed even if I'm still quite tensed, the natural way of doing facial without pricking nor extracting made it it an enhancing luxury spa experience. And to top it all off, I went home with a baby smooth glowing skin. I felt so refreshed and renewed, as if I had a post-yoga or post-run glow but better. Gaah, I wish Madame IRIS was back in Manila because I'm totally obsessing over her facial treatment method. For now, using MUKA's exceptional products on my own will do. :)

Here's my barefaced, no makeup, and relaxed look!

Should you want to try them too, head to their Instagram account here . It's the best way to treat your skin and you'll love it for sure! :)


Thank you Ira Lim and Iris for the wonderful experience.

Photos are taken by me and @tasteforexcitement.


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