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Things Couples Should Know Before & After The Wedding

The thought of getting married gets exciting, at the same time scary and pressuring as you reach your marrying age. Don't get overwhelmed! Before the I Do's is a set of To-Do's I've picked up from RAMADA MANILA's event last week. Here are the things you should know as a couple before and after the wedding:

1. Wedding Planning

Of course, this is already a given that every couple undergoes wedding planning. If scouting and booking for affordable yet credible wedding suppliers is on your check list, you might be interested in these aside from the ones I've already mentioned on my previous blog here.

Getting ready in the morning of your big day is an important thing for brides. Here are some bridal robes from INTISSIMO to do that in comfort. These delicately handmade, luxurious, silk and lace robes can also be an excellent wear for staycations or even for any day you'd want to feel pampered and relaxed.

The wedding gown is the bride's most precious and memorable wardrobe in her whole life. AYA'S BRIDAL COUTURE makes elegant yet fit for the budget made-to-order gowns. They have wedding packages for as low as Php70,000 that includes the ensemble for the bride and groom, 2 mothers, 1 maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids and 3 flower girls, first veil, bridal headpiece, pouch bag, arrea/ coins, 2 pcs pillows, secondary veil, secondary cord, and garter. Pretty sweet deal, right?

To complete the look of the bride, ANNA VANESSA LO does bridal makeup and more! She even did a trial make up for my night out event-- something different from my usual everyday look. Take note, it was a 45-minute transformation. In fairness, the airbrush makeup tool she used from Glambox Beauty Studio created a flawless effect and it lasted the whole night of partying.



Keeping memories is a must and J FRANCO DIGITAL FILMS can film your story without a sweat. They can do the job and produce same day edit videos with packages ranging from Php50,000 to Php75,000. Out of town shoots? They're game for that for a certain fee.

2. Finance Planning

As a couple, you would want a brighter future and Sun Life Financial can help you with that. Whether it's investing on your children's future, loaning for a house, insurance for your car etc., it's necessary to know where you spend and put your money in. Also, a discussion should take place between husband and wife. Communicate if you should have a joint bank account or how they would want to proceed regarding financial matters.

3. Couple Roles

Mike & Cor Manubag shared their life experience as a couple and I learned a lot from their talk -- The husband should take responsibility of everything and be the provider. While the wife should submit and respect the husband. Submitting is probably one of the most difficult thing for me to do because I'm the type of person who always wants all the attention given that my zodiac sign is Leo but maybe I'll practice submitting from time to time now even if I'm not getting married yet. Haha

4. Fitness Goals

In fitness and in health, achieving body goals as a couple is a good thing. Al Green Carlos of Anytime Fitness showed us a TED talk video that the brain works better when you work out and sweat all the toxins out of your body. He also helped us compute our body max index and body fat so that we can determine how much weight we need to lose or gain, and a demonstration of work out routines we can do at home. By being fit as a couple, you can do more things and live a healthy life.

That's it! Face your to-do's for your big day and your lifelong journey together as Mr. and Mrs. Best wishes!


Thank you Intissimo for the invite!


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