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Satisfy Your Smoothie Bowl Craving With Bowl'd Manila

Trying to eat healthy or be healthy for once? Remember, eating healthy or being healthy doesn't mean that you have to deprive yourself with small-portioned and tasteless meals. It's about eating smart and enjoying your food. Smoothie bowls make the best tasting healthy food ever and I'm so happy that Bowl'd Manila recently opened its first stall. I've tried it, loved it, and you can't blame me for craving for more. These are the reasons why:


Most of the time, smoothie bowls tend to be more liquid in consistency. It's like drinking out of a cup, just with toppings. Which totally makes me wonder whether I'm really benefiting from it or not. In the case of Bowl'd Manila, they use real frozen fruits so the texture is thicker than usual, making it rich in consistency, and very filling.

Fresh Ingredients

Sophia Tillman, the owner of Bowl'd Manila, personally shops for fresh fruits, and other components of her ingredients list. She makes sure that her customers get their value for money and the yummiest smoothie bowls.

Flavorful Menu

You're in for a treat because they have options for your every mood or dietary goal.

If you're more on the healthy side, try the Acai Super Bowl composed of Acai berry, banana, blueberries with granola, coconut shavings and banana as toppings. Acai berries contain antioxidants and are high in fiber and heart-healthy fats. Get all the nutrition you need all in one bowl.

The Chunky Monkey on the other hand is a healthy dessert that will definitely fill your tummy and is kid-friendly. Are you a sweet tooth like me? This one is going to be your go-to smoothie bowl because the ingredients include nut butter, cacao, and banana. And for the toppings, there's the granola, more nut butter and more bananas.

Missing the beach? Wishing for summer to last forever? Or want to feel refreshed? These are all valid reasons to order an After Surf Bowl. It tastes a lot more fruity compared to the other options since it's a mix of strawberry, mango and banana with peaches, corn flakes and cacao shavings as toppings. Take this chill bowl while hanging out with your friends.

My personal favorite would be The Pink Bowl, the latest addition to their menu using dragon fruit, mangoes and bananas. The combination of sweet, fruity with a tropical kick of this bowl totally delighted my taste buds. I was supposed to share it with my friends but decided to call dibs on it. (HAHA Sorry, guys!)


Worried about your wallet crying? Bowl'd Manila's price point is budget-friendly for students and yuppies. The bowls are priced at Php109 to Php150 only.


Back when I was still studying in De La Salle University Manila, I didn't have much healthy yet delicious options like Bowl'd Manila around the area. But now that it's available in La Local Taft (right beside DLSU), you'll know exactly where to go when you get a sudden craving for something fruity, cold and, as always, served in a bowl. Be bowl'd with your choices with BOWL'D MANILA.

With Sophia Tillman, the owner of Bowl'd Manila


Photos by: Me and Mj Iddaro


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