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Tinted Matte Lip Balms You Can Count On Everyday

Wearing matte and liquid lipsticks everyday can make your lips dry and chapped. If you want to soothe your puckers yet still want that pop of color, tinted matte lip balms might just be your new go-to lip products.

These are nourishing, moisturizing, and contain hint of colors that leave you with healthy-looking lips. That is why everyone is going cray-cray about this trend. Lucky me, I got to try these babies from Makeup House PH.

Judging by its packaging, Makeup House PH's Ooh La Lips Tinted Matte Lip Balms scream playful and fun which are the best ways to describe them. They come in 6 vibrant shades: Escape, Allure, Funky, Rouge, Dazzle and Flame. The colors are amazing with nude to red tones, that are flattering for any season and on any skin tone. Pigmentation and matte finish is superb.

I've tested them out for weeks, wore them to my recent events and I was showered with compliments from fellow bloggers. This is how the lip balms looked like on my lips.

FUNKY (reddish brown)

FLAME (bloody red)

ESCAPE (nude orange)

DAZZLE (cherry red)

ALLURE (bright brown)

ROUGE (nude brown)

Aside from the color pay off, these lip balms have a bubble gum scent, 100% organic and are quite long lasting as well. But hey, these get washed out when you eat or drink of course. These are still lip balms, not lipsticks.

When it comes to the application, one swipe is all it takes and you can blend it as you wish. These glide on with a creamy, buttery texture. Makeup House PH's Tinted Lip Balms are easy to control just be careful not to expose the product in humid or very hot areas so as not to appear uneven or messy on the lips when applied.

I like how the lip balms are very lightweight on the lips, and the consistency is not too waxy and not too runny. Not to mention, the shape of this tube makes it extra easy to swivel. My favorite picks are ROUGE and ALLURE. :)

Overall, Makeup House PH's Ooh La Lips Tinted Matte Lip Balms are worth it for its price point at Php140 each SRP and right now, these are on SALE at Php100 on their website here. It may not be an established brand, but for me, it performed well and it did a good job. The entire lip balm line is insanely moisturizing and feels and looks satisfyingly good on the lips. These are definitely the tinted matte lip balms you can count on everyday.


Product shots by me

Portraits by: MJ Iddaro & Iris Hung


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