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LEADERS: Korean Sheet Masks That Actually Work

LEADERS is back in the Philippines with more innovative products for skin care lovers like me! :) During the brand relaunch last August in SM North EDSA, I got to learn more about how to achieve Korean glass skin and the science behind LEADERS sheet masks from the makers of LEADERS themselves!

I also enjoyed playing spin the wheel, personalizing my LEADERS mask pouch at the event and taking photos with oppas at VIU Philippines' booth. Yang Sejong, LEADERS brand ambassador, was not present though.

Skin experts were there to examine my skin as well. They recommended which LEADERS sheet masks are best for my skin based on my skin analysis. From the chart they showed me, I mostly lack moisture and oil on my face. The LEADERS Skin Clinic Mask Aquaringer sheet mask should help me get that glowing skin in no time.

Curious on what makes LEADERS sheet masks different from all other existing Korean sheet masks? I found out these notable qualities:

Product Variation

LEADERS has a wide array of sheet masks designed to combat a variety of skin concerns. Whether it is for moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging or soothing, LEADERS has it all.

Quality Ingredients

Combining innovative technology with proven natural ingredients, LEADERS creates high quality products and not just seasonal ones. You know you are getting the best sheet masks since its main formulations are composed of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and linter cotton (highest quality of cotton).

In fact, during the event, there was a demo comparison between LEADERS' Bio Healthy Multi Mask and a regular mask. LEADERS sheet mask adhered better onto the model's skin without air spots and it immediately moisturized the face of the model versus the regular mask.


They are producing true herbal cosmetic and skin care products that are tested so these are safe to use everyday. LEADERS have their own R&D team from product planning, research, production and distribution and do not outsource. It's very inspiring to know that the values of the company involves safety as their priority.

With LEADERS Cosmetics' Director Lim, Hosoon and Brand Ambassador Yang Sejong right there (hahahah) :)

Reasonable Price

Anyone who wants to have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin can have access to LEADERS sheet masks since the sheet masks are priced at Php59 and above only. Regardless of age or skin type, one can definitely take care of their skin that work in just 15 minutes. :)


True to its name, LEADERS is a leading Korean skincare brand whose bestselling sheet masks have a cult following among Asian skincare enthusiasts. And there's no need to fly to Korea to get your masks anymore because LEADERS is now available at Watsons, The SM Store, and CNA Philippines.

I'm pretty sure you'll trust LEADERS in Korean sheet masks just like Yang Sejong and other KDrama stars do. I, myself, am hooked to it too! See the difference, get the #LeaderInSkinScience #LeadersPhilippines


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