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Christmas Gift Finds Under Php500 At LATT LIV Philippines

LATT LIV, a scandinavian lifestyle brand, opens its first store in the Philippines at the 3rd Floor of UPTOWN MALL BGC! And since Christmas is just around the corner, there's an actual excuse to visit the store. It’s never too early to get a jump start on the gifts for your family and friends, right?

I think LATT LIV is the best store to do your Christmas shopping this year since it offers a variety of products and you also get to enjoy the pure pleasure of shopping at surprisingly low prices. Most of the items are priced below Php500.

Need a gift guide? Here are the perfect gifts from LATT LIV for everyone on your list.:

1. Cosmetics

Hint, hint, for the guys who have no clue on what to give the ladies yet. Bargain beauty hauls like easy-to-use eyebrow pencils and liquid eyeliners, feather light make-up such as BB Creams, powder cushions, lipsticks and lip tints can all be found here.

2. Fragrance

Update your signature scent. Looking for the perfect fragrance for the love of your life or just in search of something fresh and new for yourself? LATT LIV has got you covered with their Vivaflora scents.

3. Fashion Accessories

These are all year round best friend gift ideas that are fashionable and always in style. Hair ties, hats, sunnies, compact mirrors, bags and of course, cute matching socks! Not a fan of surprises? Bring your BFF along with you and play dress up at LATT LIV. I'm sure you'll be able to pick out something together.

4. Stationary

Got officemates, co-workers or staff? Budget-friendly notebooks and pens from LATT LIV make great holiday gifts. These are simple yet practical things that could help motivate them at work.

5. Home Essentials

Might not be something I'd give to someone else but these can be quite handy for those who need to replace old essentials at home. Especially for those who live in condominiums nearby.

6. Electronics and gadget accessories

From dad to son or husband to boyfriend, my top LATT LIV gift choices for them would be a good portable speaker, a powerful powerbank or a useful pair of earphones. I believe my guy friends would like to receive those too.

7. Health & Wellness Items

Something for sports or wellness enthusiasts? You can get a yoga mat, face towel or even a water bottle for them. I got a yoga mat for myself since it is way cheaper than those in the department stores. They also have cute and fun band-aids for emergency purposes.

8. Toys

LATT LIV has character keychains, toys like blocks, cute plushies, skateboards, and coloring books etc.that tweens, teens and those "feeling teens" might actually like.

9. Skin care

Everyone wants to feel good and relax after a long day. The best way to do that on a daily basis is through pampering your skin. LATT LIV offers tons of skin care products-- sheet masks, eye masks, facial cleanser, lotion and more. Who's on the top of your mind for these r&r gift ideas?

Whether you are buying a gift for a family member, friend or colleague, LATT LIV has all the gift ideas that you need. Endorsers Mikael Daez and Megan Young surely agrees to that too. Which items are you eyeing for the gift-giving season? Time to check the best Christmas gift ideas off the list and start wrapping things up. Visit LATT LIV at the 3rd Floor of UPTOWN MALL BGC.


Photos by: MJ Iddaro


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