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Substance's Laser Treatments For First-Timers: What You Need To Know

Are you having second thoughts on getting your very first laser treatment? It’s normal to feel a bit nervous. I, too, was terrified of taking the plunge. Even though it may seem daunting, the process doesn’t have to be! Besides, laser treatment is no longer a luxury that we can't afford but is an affordable necessity. I discovered an aesthetics clinic that made sure of that. These are the things you need to know:

Research About The Clinic

All “firsts” come with the fear of the unknown, but with the right information in tow, you can calm down and truly enjoy the experience. Before scheduling an appointment, make sure to research thoroughly about the clinic. Substance Laser & Skincare is a laser-focused skin solution clinic that aims to give quality, yet affordable treatments.

I was fortunate enough to meet the founder during the opening. Her name is Jill and she is just 27 years old. Just look at her flawless skin! But did you know, she once had severe acne issues and suffered from self-esteem issues too? She had enough of the apathetic therapists, hyped products that did not deliver, and exorbitantly marked-up prices, and that is what led her to open Substance.

Here's a first look of the clinic. It is designed with neutral colors because they want both men and women to feel welcome. You'll also see that it is very neat, fresh towels are provided, and machines are safe for use.

Front desk

Facial area

Laser Treatment area

Prepare Your Skin

You've booked your slot for the treatment. Now, it's time to prepare your skin. Dermatologists recommend to take a break from retinol or products formulated with acne-fighting ingredients that dry out your skin. This can help reduce unwanted sensitivity and ensure the treatment will go smoothly.

Consult A Dermatologist

It is important to consult with a dermatologist or an aesthetic doctor to gauge what products to use to determine the proper course of action for your skin care needs. This is the time to let your them know about your diet, lifestyle, problem areas, whether it’s your first time receiving a laser treatment and basically, anything that could affect your skin, including allergies. During my consultation with Dr. Mendoza of Substance, she analyzed my skin and also informed me more about the treatment. That way, I am aware of what I will be going through and I'm also assured that she is knowledgeable and credible. Should you want to consult with her, the consultation fee is Php1000 but you may use my code SUBSTANCEMAE18 to get it for FREE. :)

Choose The Right Treatment

Facials aren’t exclusive to acne-prone or mature skin types. Everyone should remove pore-clogging skin impurities and have healthy looking skin regardless of age, skin type and color. What's good about Substance is that they offer various services depending on what you need at a budget-friendly cost.

They are known for their Signature Remedies treatments which are the Holy Grail Laser (Php3,800 for 15mins), the Hollywood Peel (Php3,800 for 15mins), and the Botox (Php280 per unit).

Other services include Skin Antidotes, Shots to Glow and Shape Up Contours. Learn more about it here.

Proceed and Don't Panic

I tried the Holy Grail Laser for the first time. The procedure is non-invasive, FDA-approved, and their claim is that it is effective in treating pigmentation, acne marks, dull skin and pimple causing bacteria.

First, they remove your makeup (if you have any) and clean your face.

Then they let you wear an eye cover so as not to expose your eyes to the laser, and provided a comfy blanket as well.

During the procedure, my face had tingling sensations and it smelled a bit weird. According to them, the laser is burning the old and dead skin cells.

After that, they applied sunscreen on my face as to protect the newly treated skin from the UV rays of the sun.

This is now my glowing and healthy looking skin without any makeup. I noticed that my facial hair turned blonde because of the laser exposure but that's a good thing for me.

Observe the post-treatment effects

Since we all have different skin types, it is best to observe what the laser treatment does to our skin. In my case, the day after the treatment, my face was too oily and became more prone to acne. It was more fragile than it used to be. Some of my friends who have also tried it also experienced the same thing and there were a few who had red rashes on the forehead for a few days before it cleared out. But the good thing is, it really shrank my pores and made my skin appear more glowing than ever. I also noticed that my skin tends to absorb skin care products better compared to before. I guess there are always pros and cons to treatments. Overall, I like the service and I think I'm going back again next month to focus on the pigmentation on my nose. Hopefully it clears out soon.

So should you need a quick, painless and affordable treatment before your date, interview, big day or any event, you can avail of the 20% discount on all their services until end of September 2018! Let Substance help you prepare to put your best skin forward!


Substance Laser & Skincare

Clinic hours:

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Level 3 Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor., Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center,

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1110

Photos by: Mj Iddaro


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