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These Rebisco Special Edition Designer Cans Are Masterpieces By Local Artists

Did you also grow up snacking on Rebisco products like me? Then you're in for a treat! Walking down memory lane, my childhood has always been full of "fillings" because Rebisco Sandwich and Hansel were my school baon staples. As for my tipid sweet cravings, my favorites would be Fudgee Barr and Choco Mucho. And who would forget about the infamous Rebisco Assorted Biscuit Tin Cans?

The Rebisco Assorted Biscuit Tin Can has been a part of Filipino families’ homes for many years now. It's not just a favorite merienda fare, it is also a pasalubong lovingly carried to waiting family members in many homecomings. Not to mention, the evolution of family-themed artworks on the packaging really capture the hearts of many. Including my mother who reuses the cans as keepsakes and a storage for her things. It has definitely been a witness to the evolution of Filipino culture and tradition, while continuing to be a Pinoy favorite that stands the test of time.

As Rebisco celebrates its 55th anniversary as a well-loved brand, they take their classic tin can to a whole new level by collaborating with 4 renowned local contemporary artists; namely Migs Villanueva, Roel Obemio, Aris Bagtas, and Joseph Bañez; for the launch of the newest Rebisco Special Edition Designer Cans!

Migs Villanueva, a Palanca-awardee visual artist, uses bold pastel colors and wanderlust compositions to invite Filipinos to see their own childhood experiences in her works.

Aris Bagtas shows the Filipinos identity through his folk, religious and abstract works, inspiring people to create a country where family values, traits and traditions are not forgotten.

Roel Obemio, a member of the famed Saturday Group, uses storybook characters and Filipino family-oriented imagery that convey whimsy and fantasy.

Joseph “Otep” Bañez, who made his own brand of Filipino Pop-Social Realism that took the market by storm, creates detailed renditions combined with playful colors and hilarious settings.

Local celebrity and visual artist Heart Evangelista-Escudero, together with DJ Chico Garcia, hosted the launch and gave their full support and appreciation for the special edition designer cans as they got to know the artists behind the designs.

I know you all want to know what's inside these beautiful designer cans. Each can contains assorted premium biscuits, crackers, cookies and wafers--- all-time favorites people love to snack on and share. Actually, 20-30 people can share a can and it retails for Php175 SRP each.

Express your support for local by gifting your family and friends with Rebisco's special edition designer cans, and share with them a taste of our rich Filipino culture. It will be available starting November 15, 2018 at leading supermarkets nationwide, namely Robinsons, Puregold, Waltermart, Rustan's, and Shopwise. And you can also get it online via


Photos by me and Mj Iddaro


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