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10 Irresistible Holiday Desserts From Sugarhouse

Planning for the perfect holiday feast for your family and friends? Dinner parties would not be complete without decadent desserts on the table. So impress your guests and delight their palates with Sugarhouse's irresistible desserts especially made for the holidays.

1. Taisan (Php180/ whole loaf)

This Filipino version of chiffon cake is soft, spongey, and sweet. Somewhat mamon-like which will surely delight anyone. It can be served as a light snack or a sweet ending to your dinner feast.

2. Banana Loaf (Php60/slice, Php180/midi loaf, Php400 big loaf)

Moist, tender, and chock full of pure banana flavor, Sugarhouse's banana loaf can be eaten at either room temperature or sliced straight from the ref. I can imagine the tita in me enjoying this with a cup of brewed coffee or tea.

3. Carrot Loaf (Php85/slice, Php250/midi loaf, Php650/ big loaf)

It tastes as yummy as a luscious cake can taste without chocolate, which is the staff of life for every tita of Manila. I like the moist, mildly spiced loaf that are flecked with carrots. Not to mention, it has good consistency too.

4. Orange Raisin Loaf (Php70/slice, Php210/ midi loaf, Php500/ big loaf)

A succulent delicacy you should give a try this Yuletide season. The fragrant, moist, tender loaf with orange zest combined with raisins is a total show-stopper dessert.

5. Fruit Cake (Php450/ order)

Not sure if everyone will agree but for my family, the highlight of the every year’s holiday dessert spread is the Fruit Cake. Sugarhouse's Fruit Cake is rich in flavor and has a perfect blend of fruit and nuts which makes it an excellent addition to any Noche Buena feast.

6. Ensaimada -Quezo de Bola (Php68/ piece)

Quezo de Bola is almost always bound to make an appearance during Christmas season too. Sugarhouse matched the tradition and topped off their ensaimada recipe with Edam cheese just for the holidays. We can now enjoy the goodness of a uniquely flavored ensaimada with quezo de bola.

Conscious about the sugar intake? Sugarhouse also offers sugar-free ensaimada.

7. Polvoron (Php180/ box of 6, Php350/ box of 12)

The sweet milky taste of polvoron is very popular especially to children and for your officemates that are young at heart. Treat the whole gang with a box of 6 or 12 and enjoy each other's company while munching on it.

8. Salted Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn (Php90/ pack, Php215/jar)

I can pretty much eat this all day, every day if I could. Probably the best candied popcorn I've ever tasted, I swear! The incredible combination of sweet and salty is a party in my mouth. It literally hit all my tastebuds.

9. Leche Flan (Php130)

Smooth, creamy and timeless, Sugarhouse's signature Leche Flan will give you a melt-in-your-mouth experience. I am definitely having this for Christmas!

10. Chocolate Truffle Cake (Php150 baby, Php360 petite, Php1050 regular 8")

Each Christmas celebration calls for a special kind of cake and this cake is simply a pure work of art. The chocolate chiffon cake filled and iced with chocolate butter cream with a slight tinge of coffee gives a unique bittersweet taste. No wonder it's a crowd-pleaser! Indulge in the baby sized cake by yourself or gift a petite or regular sized cake to someone you love.

In my case, I shared this sinful cake with my blogger friend Shayne for her birthday at the SM San Lazaro branch. How sweet, right?

As they say, there will always be room for dessert! So cap your holiday celebrations with these delectable desserts from Sugarhouse that comes in their festive gift box ready for the holiday season. Check out Sugarhouse's Christmas catalogue at and don't forget to visit any of these branches: SM San Lazaro, Santolan Town Plaza, Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Greenhills, SM Megamall and Power Plant Mall Rockwell.


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