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6 Beauty Resolutions To Fulfill This Year

New year, new start! Whether it's making sure you take off your make-up every day or trying a new skin care routine, there are many simple beauty New Year resolutions you can fulfill that are both effective and easy to stick to.

Here are some beauty tips to take better care of yourself:

1. Never sleep in your makeup. No matter how tired you are and before you pass out at night, make sure to remove your make-up before sleeping. Avoid clogged pores, breakouts and possible infections by keeping a bottle of Micellar Water next to your bed with a few cotton pads so you can't make an excuse no matter how late you get home.

2. Make Applying a moisturizer a priority. Moisturizer is as important to your skin care regimen as your cleanser. Ensure that your skin is hydrated morning and night, regardless of your skin type by applying the right moisturizer for you.

3. Take sun protection seriously. It's a product that should be used year-round. Regularly wearing sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and it's also the most effective anti-ager. You might want to use a lotion with high SPF.

4. Shower your tresses with care. Use the right shampoo that does not only cleanse your hair but also cares for it. There's always a shampoo for every hair concern.

5. Treat your body. Stop neglecting the skin on your body. It needs TLC too! Lather it with a body wash and loofah, and pamper yourself everyday.

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What are your beauty New Year’s resolutions? Chat me here or send me an email. :)


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