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Enhance Your Eyebrows with Brow Code's Microblading Services

Ever get tired of drawing your eyebrows on a daily basis? I do! We all know that kilay is life, that is why I am always curious of microblading. Microblading is one of the latest beauty trends where eyebrows are tattooed onto the skin by drawing tiny lines, resembling natural hairs. I often see celebrities and artists do it and promote it but I never really got the chance to see or to experience it first-hand.

This time, Brow Code, a credible eyebrow and eyelash grooming clinic gave the opportunity for me and other content creators to witness an actual microblading procedure being performed by the owner, Dr. Oscar Ballado.

He maps out the shape, measures it out based on the person's facial symmetry, applies a numbing cream to tolerate the pain, and finally draws the eyebrow hair by hand.

(Brow Code Eyebrow Microblade Model: Yang De Castro)

If you are worrying about the safety and precaution, Brow Code makes sure that their equipment and tools are sterile so that the process of depositing pigmentation to the skin is safe. Hence, the "one client one blade" policy where no blade is used repeatedly.

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get one's eyebrows microbladed. And before getting the desired look for your brows, it takes 3 to 5 days for the pigment to oxidize. Then the peeling starts since there will be minimal scars. Finally, the results are beautiful and natural brows. Now, your eyebrows will always be on fleek! Considering to get one? You can avail of Brow Code's microblading services:


But wait, there's more! Brow Code also offers glutathione, eyelash lift, semi-permanent makeup, and hair & makeup services too. For glutathione, my friends Jay and Mj tried the IV Drip (2000mg) and IV Push (600mg) respectively. Achieving glowing white skin is now possible for a minimum of 5 glutathione IV Drip sessions.

Of course, we all want lifelike eyelashes to go with natural looking microbladed eyebrows and glowing white skin, right? So how about getting a lash lift? A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes where it sets the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution.

The process goes like this: An eyelash glue is applied to stretch the lashes up. Then the perming cream is set for 10 minutes. After that, they scrape the excess chemical and the final step is the neutralizer. You will feel a bit itchy on the eyelids during the procedure but rest assured, you will have those flattering curled eyelashes as a result! Take note, the lash lift lasts for around 8 weeks with proper care.

(My friend Sab as Lash Lift model)

Although I wasn't able to try their services on-the-spot, I'll be booking an appointment with Brow Code soon and I'll share the results on my Instagram Stories too. So please do follow me on Instagram @madamelindt and turn on your notifications. #browcodeph #browcodeofficial #browsbeforebeaus

Checkout some of the sponsors during the event too: Elke by Evetag for ELKE LEMON MANSI DEO WHITENING SOAP & ALOE SEA MIST and CONSCENTS PH for handmade, vegan, clean burn scented soy candles! :)


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