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Eyebrowdery Newport: Wake Up With Make Up

Eyebrows definitely make a statement. Just like Eyebrowdery's President and CEO, Klarisse Tabao, I was once conscious about my eyebrows. Back then in high school, I had really bushy eyebrows and didn't have knowledge in makeup. I only started grooming my brows in college and defining my brows using makeup when I joined the work force. But of course, I still wish that I could just wake up with make up.

With Eyebrowdery opening another branch in Newport Boulevard, getting eyebrow embroidery and other skin services are now more accessible in terms of proximity.

What's more awesome is that franchisee owner Miss Nika Guillen is a registered nurse and a trained Master Artist of Eyebrow Embroidery. She even mentioned during the launch that it is important for her that customers receive the best services depending on what they want and need. Those factors make it official that your eyebrows are in good hands with Eyebrowdery.

(Miss Nika Guillen showing her eyebrow drawing skills to my blogger friend Karla Ramos)

And aside from eyebrow embroidery, they have other innovative and interesting services you can avail like Korean BB Glow, Lash Lift, Lip Tint Embroidery, Ultherapy, and Laser Tattoo removal.

I am personally interested in the Korean BB Glow, which projects a sheer semi permanent foundation that will leave your skin dewy and glowing. Kdrama celebrity skin in no time! It helps the skin produce collagen, tightens pores and lighten dark and uneven areas.

For those who are having trouble with pale or dark lips, their lip embroidery is a heaven sent answer! You may now eat all you want and still have rosy kissable looking lips after.

So jump on these growing trends. Book your appointments at Eyebrowdery now. It will make your mornings and beauty regimen simpler and fuzz free! Call 09563022707 or 09399223218 and (02) 6921106. Eyebrowdery Newport is located at Cluster 1, A1 Ground Floor, 101 Newport Boulevard, Pasay City.


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