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Wearing Avon Body Illusion Feels Like Freedom

People have a lot to say about womanhood. Society expects us to talk, dress or behave in a certain way but I believe that those shouldn't define who we are. For me, moving at my own pace, feeling comfortable in my own skin, doing what I love to do and choosing freely what I want to wear everyday is what makes me a woman.

And an essential part of being a woman is having to wear a bra. Sometimes, it feels like a task to me simply because the ones I wear either have uncomfortable wires that leave unflattering bulges and lines, which make it uneasy and constricting since I have an active lifestyle and I'm always on-the-go. That is why I'm the type of girl who appreciates fashionable yet comfortable intimates.

While going bra-less is always a viable option for anyone and everyone, some of us still prefer to have a little lift, shaping, and support, but don’t ever want to compromise on the level of comfort. With that said, I am so glad that Avon Philippines created the all new Body Illusion bras and panties: The Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra (Php899) & Panty (Php299) and The Sonia Non-wire Seamless Pull-on Bra (Php899) & Panty (Php299).

Currently, I am obsessed with the Sonia Non-wire Seamless Bra & Panty. The absence of the underwire is liberating yet the soft fabric and moulded cups still give the right lift, shape and support that I need. I'm also loving the blush fabric color that matches my skin tone and acts as my second skin.

Given that it is a pull-on bra makes it very functional and flexible for me. I can move freely without worrying about my bra unhooking or going out of place. Plus, the seamless back and sides stay invisible under any outfit which is perfect for when I wear bodycons and other tight-fitting clothes. I can say the same for the seamless panty.

Avon's latest innovation is undeniably life-changing. Definitely an all-in-one bra that I can use everyday. Whether I'm commuting to an event, having a photo shoot, meeting a client or doing a talk, it has the full support, amazing fit, and nice silhouette that allow me to do more.

Not to mention, its light as air material is so breathable. Anyone who wears a bra knows that the real test in comfort comes down to whether or not you ditch your bra as soon as you get home. The fact that I completely forgot I was still strapped in makes the Avon Body Illusions a winner! Wearing this bra and panty #FeelsLikeFreedom and that also contributes as to why being a woman feels so good. Try it for yourselves too, visit Zalora, contact Avon Representatives, or shop Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!


Photos by: Cy Langkay Photography

No grabbing of photos, please.


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