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Sobre Mesa: 90's Kids Will Love This Dining Experience

Are you a Tito or Tita born in the 90's but feel like the millennials have totally taken over the world? Deny it or not, we have adopted a number of practices that started from millennials. From taking selfies and chatting online to availing of food and restaurant discounts via mobile applications, these are all influenced by today's generation.

And sometimes we can't help but reminisce about the good old days when all of these were non-existent. It was the time of Backstreet Boys and Discmans, Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets, White Rabbits and Ice Gems. We had so much fun back then and we don't want that feeling and memory to ever go away, right?

For me, the best way to reminisce these moments is through dining, catching up and exchanging conversations with the people whom I've shared my younger days with. And the perfect dining spot to do this is in Sobre Mesa.

In the spirit of full-on nostalgia, owners Chef Benjo Tuason and friends re-established Sobre Mesa to showcase a stellar dining experience paired with an awesome 90's vibe which is an awesome blast from the past. The posters around and the songs in their playlist flashbacks you to the legendary Tito and Tita generation. I even caught myself singing and dancing to the songs while trying some of their classic, heart-warming, and well-cooked Spanish and European dishes.

I've tried Chef Benjo's top picks which include the Chicken and Steak Platter that gives the best of both worlds served with side salad, corn fritters and a range of our most loved dips; the classic Italian dish, Tito Harvard's Osso Buco, complimented with seasonal crisp vegetables and fluffy mashed potatoes; the gratifying Spanish staple, Arroz Negra and Arroz Con Pollo y Chorizo; the stunning showstopper, Tito Lance's Crusted Salmon; and the most sought after Tito Japs' Bulalo Estofado, a slow braised beef shank that swims in soy and citrus sauce.

(Chicken & Steak Platter)

(Osso Buco)

(Arroz Negra)

(Arroz Con Pollo y Chorizo)

(Crusted Salmon)

(Bulalo Estofado)

(Dips & Sauces)

I was really hooked on the corn fritters that was served with the Chicken and Steak Platter since it is has a delicate golden brown crisp on the outer layer, and moist and dense on the inside. You can order it separate from the platter as a starter or as a dessert with a little twist. The Bulalo Estofado is also of my liking given that it is packed with sweet, sour and salty flavors, good to pair with rice. But my favorite would be the Crusted Salmon. The dish was fresh, light on the tummy and is tasty.

If you're craving for sweets, the Tito Augusto's Mango Coconut and Almond Cheesecake and Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake are some of the desserts you can treat yourself to.

Plus, here are some of the promos you can avail at Sobre Mesa too! All customers get an unbelievable one round of Sangria (with or without alcohol) and complimentary homemade bread. They also have the mood stimuli, Happy Hour, Every Hour starting 5PM onwards. Diners can avail 4 bottles of local beer for just Php250 and cocktails are at flat Php 100 only!

What’s even more interesting is that hump day Wednesdays got even better with their Titos and Titas Day! If you are born from 1975-1990, a pre-senior discount of 16% will be given. Furthermore, Sobre Mesa's Shangri-la branch will have Unlimited Tapas every Saturday for only P 450.00.

So go on a throwback dining escapade at Sobre Mesa Shangri-la Plaza, located at the East Atrium, Level 4. It is open during mall hours from 11am-9pm daily. They also have a location at the Sapphire Bloc Ortigas Center. It is open from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5PM to 10PM. On weekends, they are open until midnight.

For more information about Sobre Mesa, please don’t hesitate to reach out @sobremesaph on Facebook and Instagram. They also have a website at


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