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Headtown Salon and Spa at Ayala North Exchange

If you're looking for a great place to spend the day for a rejuvenating beauty treat, Headtown Salon and Spa has just opened at Ayala North Exchange!

An innovative pool of stylists takes good care of your beauty needs. Ensuring luxury experience that represents the top standards of the hair, beauty and pampering industry, the entire team, as headed by its salon owner Ms. Det Sarrol-Fuentes, guarantees clients of an amazing glow and quality me-time.

It is a one-stop glam destination wherein the beauty and pampering hub offers world-class styling, hair dressing and pampering that go beyond fab and fad. Whether it's a change in your 'do, a mid-day massage, or a fabulous makeover to get you in the mood for a night out, Headtown Salon and Spa guarantees that you'll leave the salon looking and feeling like a royalty.

What sets Headtown Salon and Spa apart from its contemporaries is that it has a unique styling space, with exclusive VIP rooms that allow professional and freelance make-up artists to book a space for their clients, and double as a venue for workshops and events. And as a way to empower women to express their individuality, the top-notch full-service salon offers one-on-one tutorial services for hair styling and basic make-up application. With inclusivity and empowerment as two of their core values, the beauty startup positions itself as a game-changing potential that is emblematic of what the salon industry should be: fearless, bold, and constantly evolving with the times.

In fact, I accompanied my blogger friend Louise Agnazata there during their soft opening for her haircut, hair color and styling. She introduced me to Elly, one of Headtown Salon & Spa's professional stylists, and he really did an amazing job on leveling up my friend's tresses.

Aside from that, Headtown Salon & Spa was kind enough to pamper me during the opening day with a hair treatment and styling. I had an event to go to right after their opening so it was the perfect time to avail of it. This time, stylist JM Bacacao was the one who gave me a makeover. He even gave me a head massage and shared tips regarding my intense falling and thinning hair too. That is what you call premium on client-servicing and I felt at home knowing that I was being handled by experts.

Now, you can get your crowning moment at Headtown Salon & Spa too. An Urban Beauty retreat where you can experience total beauty and relaxation at an easy access location.


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