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Tim Hortons Now Has Milk Tea

Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee chain brand, just joined the milk tea craze by launching their own concoction.

Tim Hortons Milk Tea is made from Tims' signature brewed black tea, sweetened with vanilla base and sugar poured over a bed of coffee jelly. It is definitely a flavorful and refreshing afternoon drink for those who want the taste of tea combined with the sweetness or sugar.

The small cup is priced at Php110, medium at Php125, and large at Php135. You can also add a flavor shot to it: Choose between hazelnut or caramel for an additional Php20.

Only selected Tim Hortons branches serves their milk tea— Tim Hortons® Net Quad, Tim Hortons® SM City San Lazaro, Tim Hortons® CEU, Tim Hortons® U.N. Square Mall, Tim Hortons® SLC Building, Tim Hortons® L’Ermitage, Tim Hortons® Uptown Mall, Tim Hortons® Greenhills Shopping Center, Tim Hortons® Pearl Plaza, and Tim Hortons® San Lorenzo Place.

Aside from that, Tim Hortons wants to give everyone the privilege to customize their own bagels and artisan grilled cheese sandwiches as well. Add your meats, veggies, cheese and extra sauces depending on your liking. My friend Harvard got an Artisan Grilled Cheese sandwich with steak while I had the Artisan Grilled Cheese sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Go on and satisfy your milk tea cravings with your personalized sandwich only at Tim Hortons!


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