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2TradeAsia Makes Stock Trading Accessible For All

For creatives like me, the stock market is a whole different world. We normally only see people trading stocks on movies like Wolf of Wall Street.

2TradeAsia, one of the leading online stock brokers in the Philippines, invited me to try out their platforms. I was hesitant at first since it is difficult to be sure about investing in a market you know nothing about. But the interesting thing about this offer was that 2TradeAsia gave a crash course on how to use their platforms and how to trade stocks on the Philippine stock exchange for FREE.

I was able to learn about the procedure on how to put/withdraw funds from my account. And I also learned about the fee on their platform and how to buy and sell stocks. So even if I didn't know anything about stocks, 2TradeAsia was able to help me start growing my hard-earned money.

The two stocks I am interested in are definitely the All Home IPO since this is backed by a very reputable businessman (currently wealthies in the PH) and the Mislatel stock which is the third telco in the Philippines. Both have the potential to grow my investment and I'm excited to see how it will pan out.

I never knew I can fast-track my my financial goals just with a laptop and mobile phone. Instead of leaving all your money as savings in the bank, go for e-trading. If you wish to attend any of their FREE seminars, you can message @2TradeAsia on Instagram so you can book a schedule or if you're already keen on investing, you may start your journey now at or via their mobile app.


Photos by: Mj Iddaro


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