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Comfort Care Detergent Fights 5 Signs of Clothes Aging

I'm the type of person who doesn't mind wearing the same pieces over and over. However, I noticed that constant wear and just a few washes can cause clothes to yellow on some areas, lose its shape or get nubby in patches. This hinders me from wearing my faves as often as I want.

But not anymore! Finally, you can love your clothes without loving them to the last thread! With the new Comfort Care Detergent, you can keep your clothes new for longer. It has unique and innovative formulation that addresses the 5 signs of clothes aging.

I was actually able to attend the event launch wherein they showcased 5 studios that represented each of the 5 signs of clothes aging: color fading, shape loss, bobbling, yellowness and roughness. They called it The Comfort Care Lounge.

Aside from taking IG-worthy photos at the content hubs, I was also able to magnify the different fabric swatches to prove Comfort's efficacy through Fabric Analyzers.

Manila's most fashionable like Sarah Lahbati, Janine Gutierrez, Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang and Laureen Uy were also there to share their experiences with clothes shopping and washing their favorite pieces.

While Anne Marianne Tan, Unilever's Brand Manager for Premium Laundry and a good friend of mine, explained that Comfort is rooted in its purpose of bringing positivity to the world through the power of clothes.

Comfort offers a full range of products that spans Fabric Cleaning (powder and liquid) to Fabric Conditioning to deliver the best clothes outcome and give the wearer confidence. These are equipped with two superior technologies: Advanced Anti-Aging Technology and Advanced Triple Care Technology.

The Anti-Aging Technology in Comfort Fabric Solution products (Fabric cleaning) prevents clothes from aging by caring for every fiber in clothing. It also prevents the signs of wear out: pilling/bobbling (himulmol). In addition, it prevents ash residue that gets deposited into the fabric, which affects color vibrancy. While the Advanced Triple Care Technology in Comfort Fabric Sensation products (fabric conditioning) enhances the beauty of clothes, protecting them from color fading, fiber pilling (himulmol), and shape loss, ensuring smoother and softer-feel clothes.

When used together, Comfort's Fabric cleaning products prevent clothes aging, while Comfort's Fabric conditioning products maintain or bring clothes close to their original state.

Comfort is available in powder detergent, liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, detergent capsules and dry wash spray, and in two variants: Glamour Care and Casual Care.

Now, I don't have to worry about repeating my favorite pieces because with Comfort Care Detergent, I know that my clothes are in top condition. :)


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