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FacePixie Beauty Wand, Skin Care & Cleansing Pod Review

FacePixie is known for revolutionizing at-home beauty experience. I've tried using their Beauty Wand (₱15,999.00) and it's one of the best tools in the market. It has 8 functions integrating Ion Cleansing/Moisture, Facial RF (Thermal Heating), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Chromatherapy (Light Therapy), and Cryotheraphy (Cold Therapy) in one pocket device. I use the LED BLUE LIGHT whenever I have acne caused by my premenstrual syndrome and I'm surprised that my acne becomes smaller after every use. I also noticed that my skin got clearer and smoother because of the moisturizing and cooling features. It acts like a magic wand for my face.

Aside from that, I also tested FacePixie's newly released skin care and cleansing pod.

FacePixie Skin Oxygenated Foam Facial Wash (₱599.00)

The packaging comes in a clear bottle so it's easy to spot how much product is left. Consistency wise, it appears as liquid, becomes a foam when pumped, and oxidizes when used.

The product has a minty lavender scent. So although the scent is not that strong, people who are allergic to strong perfumes like me should take precaution in using this product as it might trigger the allergic reaction. But so far, I haven't had an attack while using it.

I actually feel very refreshed and moisturized after every use and it's really gentle on the skin. The fact that it enhances skin cell oxygenation to prevent premature aging is also a big plus to me especially now that I'm about celebrate another year older.

FacePixie Sonic Cleansing Pod (₱1,199.00)

I've been wanting something like this for the longest time! The cleansing pod is made of FDA-Grade bacteria-resistant gentle silicone bristles so it is more hygienic than standard nylon cleansing brushes. It features three textured surfaces: fine cleansing bristles for a deep cleanse, precision bristles at the tip for the T-zone, and a larger back bristle for facial massage, circulation, & tightening--which is also perfect for oily skin.

I use this together with the facial foam wash and I immediately feel the effect of my skin's texture improving. There are times that my face turns a bit red because of the triple-speed sonic pulsating action of the device but that normally happens when rubbing something onto the face or on the skin. Don't get me wrong, the cleansing pod's silicone bristles are totally soft and non-abrasive. I'm just so happy that I own a cleansing pod and it is not just any cleansing pod, it's from FacePixie!

FacePixie Skin Alcohol-Free Calming Toner Mist (₱499.00)

While most toners contain alcohol as an ingredient, this one does not! Plus, it's formulated with witch hazel and chamomile extracts which are known for preventing residue build-up and blackhead formation.

What I love about it is that there is no sting when applied. So it is definitely gentle for all skin types, even for the sensitive ones. It is also easy to use, whether you spray it directly to your face or apply it via a cotton pad. I also feel that my pores become tightened in a way. I haven't had a recent acne problem yet so I'm not sure how the product works when a pimple already exists.

FacePixie Skin Pure Hydration Serum (₱1,499.00)

To complete the whole skin care regimen using FacePixie skin products, I put a few droplets of the serum onto my face and neck.

The serum is very hydrating and it dries up quickly. There is also no greasy feeling, leaving my skin looking plump and healthy. This is truly the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin.


These products worked well on me, without any allergy or acne popping out. And to think that I sleep late everyday, I still look refreshed and glowing the next day thanks to FacePixie skin. My favorites would be the cleansing pod and the serum.

For me, the price point is at average considering that these are made from Canada. So I think it would be best not to compare with local brands.

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