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La Vita Ristorante Italiano: Authentic Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the factors that draws travelers to explore the city of Italy. Pizza and pasta are some of the most famous dishes around the world, but take note that Italian cuisine is more than just that. You have to find the right ingredients, flavors, and experience to whip up authentic Italian dishes. And that's what La Vita Ristorante Italiano has to offer.

Yes, you don't have to dream about having authentic Italian food anymore. You can just drop by La Vita at The Podium Mall. La Vita's Chef Maurizio Gibillini's focus on highquality, seasonal, regional ingredients – and the simplicity of each recipe will surely make your tummy happy.

With the array of main ingredients such as tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and pasta imported from Italy, La Vita Ristorante Italiano sure serves customers with an artisan mark. On the other hand, La Vita sources other food components locally, such as vegetables, fish, and clams, to guarantee its freshness.

For a full-course meal, here are some options:


I personally love the Caciucco Alla Livornese (Php240). It has a rich texture and you'll really taste the freshness of the seafood. A hearty dish to start.


I recommend the "MY WAY" Salad (Php230). It's the chef's way of Caesar salad and that caviar is the bomb.


At first taste, you'll know that the thinly sliced beef drizzled with olive oil, lemon and chili of the Beef Carpaccio Allla Cipriani (Php300) is of high-quality.


If you prefer your pasta with white sauce, go for the Pappardelle Alla Crema Di Tartufo (Php440). It is so creamy, fragrant and packed with flavors.

And for those who like seafood with their pasta, I suggest the Linguine Allatavolara (Php400). The hint of the chili crab paste of the pasta is a unique playful taste to the palette.

By the way, they have a cheese and meat platter and a wide array of Italian wines too. So don't hesitate to grab any of those.

And let's not forget about Risotto-- cooked to perfection.


Although Chef Maurizio recommends the Pizza Con Burrata Fresca (Php540) with its soft, almost doughy fresh cream made of Italian cheese, perched in the middle of their pizza, I still prefer my forever favorite 4 Cheese Pizza (Php440). Just imagine all the good Italian cheeses molded into one whole pizza.


Well, I can't really choose one so you should order everything in the menu. There's the Pannacotta (Php280), Tiramisu Affogato Al Bailey's (Php280), and the Mousse Di Cioccolato (Php280). The Pannacotta has the right amount of sweetness and has good consistency. For the tiramisu, I love how the coffee liquor is not overpowering. While the mousse is the ultimate chocolate fix--rich yet light and fluffy.

You see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat well in La Vita, having an average spend per head of Php700. In fact, you can even celebrate gatherings with friends and families there. The place can fit 110 to 150 people. How amazing is that?

Not to mention, dining at La Vita Ristorante Italiano really brought back good memories from my Italy trip last year too. Everything was delizioso! I would really recommend it to anyone who has been meaning to try authentic Italian cuisine. Book a table now, call 02) 285 1486.


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