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1 Line Journal: Starting my 5-Year Memory Keeping

I love being creative and ever since I was little, I've loved making scrapbooks and collages. I remember collecting movie stubs, concert tickets, and stickers for me to stick them onto my journal or planner. As they say,"Savor it and stash it in your memory for safekeeping."

As the years passed, I found my love for photography and I admit that I was too lazy and busy to write a journal or even to collect memoirs anymore. Photography became my hobby and passion at the same time. And now, I am able to use the skill for content creation. I guess my interest for memory keeping has always been there--Whether through scrapbooking or photography.

And maybe you're wondering why I haven't tried writing on a diary or something similar to that. The answer is.. I am always daunted by the idea of having to write long lines everyday. Imagine having to go to work and attending events altogether and then you'd still have to put all of that in the diary. That is why I am so happy that I found the journal that could be the solution to my laziness and at the same time give fulfillment to my interest in memory keeping.

It is called the “1 Line Journal". A new stationery line called “Hi, Passion”, operating under ‘Im-Press Enterprises, introduced to the Philippines this fresh concept of journaling. The simple commitment of just recording 1 line a day is manageable for me and it might be the same for you. Each page of the journal includes an entry for five successive years, allowing us to revisit previous thoughts on a specific day of the year over the span of five years, and reflect on change and progress.

Owner of ‘Im-Press, Tessa Distor, said, “This product aims to help the passionate fellas witness how their lives unfold: look back on their wins and learn from their mistakes as days go by.”

“My and this product’s ultimate goal is to help people appreciate their lives more. I hope ‘1 Line Journal’ will help them realize that a bad day will not be as bad as it is in the next years; and that they be reminded of their past goals and the reasons why they do what they do,” Distor added.

The journal is available in 4 sleek colors: Black, Grey, Yellow and Brown. So you can choose a color based on your personality or liking. For the pages, it comes in a minimalist design and there is enough room for you to write a one liner a day and maybe put little drawings somewhere there.

Coming from my experience, I am actually getting addicted to recording a one liner a day. I find it stress-relieving knowing that this journal will be my sanctuary for 5 years. It will absorb all my ups and downs, and I could compare notes from today and the next few years. Now that I think of it, I wish Hi, Passion had released this journal during my younger days. But hey, a new chapter of my life is about to unfold next year, with the wedding and all. It's the perfect time to record my new life with my soon-to-be partner. I am sure that this will enhance the appreciation of life and treasure memories for years to come.

Want to give the “1 Line Journal” try? It is retailed at P499.00 only. That's like only a hundred peso investment per year. It is available online through Hi, Passion’s website or via Instagram @HiPassionIG or Facebook HiPassionPage


Photos by: Cholo Isungga and Me :)


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